The best #MeToo Quotes

The best #MeToo Quotes

"Me too" was just two words; it's two magic words that galvanised the world.
When one person says, "Yeah, me, too," it gives permission for others to open up.
#MeToo is a welcome change, and I would encourage women to call out sexual harassment issues in their workplaces.
If you've been sexually harassed or assaulted write "me too" as a reply to this tweet.
Alyssa Milano - via Twitter, 15.10.2017 #metoo

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None of us should accept a future in which our daughters and granddaughters have fewer rights than we did.
Hillary Clinton - May 2022
The saddest thing a girl can do is dumb herself down for a guy.
It is capitalist America that produced the modern independent woman. Never in history have women had more freedom of choice in regard to dress, behavior, career, and sexual orientation.
I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.
The women that inspire me to be honest are the women that struggle.
Social progress can be measured by the social position of the females.
There is a wall of silence against women and violence, and every time a woman speaks out it breaks a crack in that wall.
To the women of this nation I want to say that being underestimated is a great advantage, because often they don't see you coming.
Giorgia Meloni - März 2023
Woman: "Got some lady lawyer here."
Ingrid: "You can just say 'lawyer'."
Women who don't demand anything, are taken by their word - they don't get anything.
A woman's strength should not be in her role, whatever she chooses to be, but in the power to choose that role.
It's not about counting women, it's about making sure that women count!
Claudia Roth - February 2019
Girls today can be anything. CEO, Olympic golden medalist, even a Supreme Court Justice. We've finally broken that glass ceiling and, wow, it sure looks good from the top.
Sara Hill in Good Girls - Season 1 Episode 1
We have to free half of the human race, the women, so that they can help to free the other half.
It's time for society to stop telling girls what they should and shouldn't do. And instead through the quietest whispers and the loudest megaphones tell them that they are unstoppable. The world is desperate for leaders, male and female. It's not about gender, it's about purpose.
I'm privileged because I can defend myself. Millions of women that are hurt every day, cannot.
Ursula von der Leyen - April 2021, about "Sofagate"
If you empower women, you can change the world.
If women ran every country in the world there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes.
The day has to come when it's not a surprise that a woman has a powerful position.
An exchange of empathy provides an entry point for a lot of people to see what healing feels like.
Social media is not a safe space.
'3' is a wonderful film.
Whatever I can do to the best of my abilities is what I am trying to do.
Wilson Aubry: "You victimize innocent people and poop in little girls' mouths."
Eric Cartman: "That's not true, Wilson. We're Coon and Friends, not Harvey Weinstein."
Eric Cartman in South Park - Season 21 Episode 4
Twitter is stupid and Instagram is Twitter for people who can't read.
Max Black in 2 Broke Girls - Season 2 Episode 2

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