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Matthew Griswold Bevin is an American businessman and politician who serves as the 62nd Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, since 2015. He was the third Republican elected Kentucky governor since World War II, after Ernie Fletcher and Louie Nunn. Born in Denver, Colorado, and raised in Shelburne, New Hampshire, Bevin earned a bachelor's degree at Washington and Lee University in 1989, then served four years of active duty in the U.S.

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I would encourage you: be informed - knowledge is power!

- Matt Bevin

There are quite enough sheep already - be a shepherd: be somebody who's bold and who leads.

- Matt BevinMotivation

While it may seem small, the ripple effects of small things is extraordinary.

- Matt BevinSmall Things

I think we will be safer when we can concentrate law enforcement and criminal justice resources and energies on those individuals who truly need, for the safety of society... to be incarcerated.

- Matt Bevin

I am genuinely sorry that my attendance at an event which, other than my comments, appears to have primarily involved a discussion of cockfighting, has created concern on the part of many Kentucky voters.

- Matt Bevin