Quotes by Margot Fonteyn

Dame Margot Fonteyn, DBE, stage name of Margaret Evelyn de Arias, was an English ballerina. She spent her entire career as a dancer with the Royal Ballet, eventually being appointed prima ballerina assoluta of the company by Queen Elizabeth II.

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Genius is another word for magic, and the whole point of magic is that it is inexplicable.

Genius, MagicMargot Fonteyn

Great artists are people who find the way to be themselves in their art. Any sort of pretension induces mediocrity in art and life alike.

ArtMargot Fonteyn

Take your work seriously, but never yourself.

SeriousnessMargot Fonteyn

Traveling carries with it the curse of being at home everywhere and yet nowhere, for wherever one is, some part of oneself remains on another continent.

TravelingMargot Fonteyn