The best Quotes by Marcus Ward

The best Quotes by Marcus Ward

Falling in love with Anna was the most incredible thing that's ever happened to me. She made me feel like I could crush the world between me finger and thumb.
White Lines - Season 1 Episode 2
If you live like a god when you’re 20, how can you be happy after that? You’ve had it all: love, girls, the perfect life. After that, how could you not be sad? The good times are always behind you.
White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1

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This is why you never go to New Jersey!
The results of a new study are out this week saying that New Jersey is one of the most livable states in the country. The study has a margin of error of 100 percent.
Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, we gotta go to Jersey.
Hulk in What If…? - Season 1 Episode 4
I feel like if you're in Jersey, you have to be a Jersey Devils fan. Anybody born within the confines of the border of the state of New Jersey, I feel, should be a Jersey Devils fan.
The state of New Jersey is really two places - terrible cities and wonderful suburbs. I live in the suburbs, the final battleground of the American dream, where people get married and have kids and try to scratch out a happy life for themselves. It's very romantic in that way, but a bit naive. I like to play with that in my work.
Los Angeles traffic is just the worst thing in the world. It throws off timing so much. However, it's always warm and sunny. New Jersey has absolutely terrible weather, but the environment is really homey and chill.
You're asking me if I have any gum? That's like asking New Jersey if it has any sl-ts!
Max Black in 2 Broke Girls - Season 1 Episode 21
They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a flight to New Jersey - and that's pretty much the same thing.
Blame is a bucket of shit that mediocre men throw around. Real men carry blame on their shoulders.
Andreu Calafat in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 4
If you're looking for new experiences, new feelings, there's always someone saying, "You shouldn't be doing that." Sure, I organized that party. You can lock me up, throw me in jail and give me community service, but don't ask me not to live!
Axel Collins in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 2
You've gotta see the bigger picture! It means not conformin'. It means havin' parties, each one bigger than the last one. It means transporin' people with our music so they can forget about this shit goin' on in their lives.
Axel Collins in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 2
I didn't realize how destructive the truth could be.
Zoe Collins in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
I reckon I must've lived more in the last 24 hours than the last 24 years.
Zoe Collins in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
Andreu Calafat: "I was one of those people who used to cry at films. Now it's the done thing. Now you're a sensitive type, but before you were seen as a sissy."
Boxer: "That's why I always sit in the front row."
Boxer in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
A sexy glance beats a bl*wjob every time.
Anna in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
They knew that life is best lived through the senses.
Anna in White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
Blessing a casino in God's name must be the worst thing a priest can do. Apart from pedophilia.
White Lines - Season 1 Episode 1
Monsieur, when a finger is pointing up to the sky, only a fool looks at the finger.
I wasn't born with enough middle fingers.
Marilyn Manson - Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Album: Antichrist Superstar
The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin. This is the most important discussion you can ever have.
The fingers must be educated, the thumb is born knowing.
They're exhausting to inflate, they scare the shit out of you when they pop, and uninflated they just look like a pile of clown-condoms.
John Oliver in Last Week Tonight - Boeing
Lip: "Hey, whoa. You really think they deserve your hard-earned money for that service?"
Frank: "Dine and dash?"
Lip: "Bite and bolt."
Frank: "Eat it and beat it?"
Shameless - Season 3 Episode 12

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