Quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman statesman, orator, lawyer and philosopher, who served as consul in the year 63 BC. He came from a wealthy municipal family of the Roman equestrian order, and is considered one of Rome's greatest orators and prose stylists. His influence on the Latin language was so immense that the subsequent history of prose, not only in Latin but in European languages up to the 19th century, was said to be either a reaction against or a return to his style.

The best Quotes and Sayings

Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.

- Marcus Tullius CiceroFailures

If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.

- Marcus Tullius CiceroBooks, Garden

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.

- Marcus Tullius CiceroMemories, Death, Grief

Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.

- Marcus Tullius CiceroBeing Silent

The safety of the people shall be the highest law.

- Marcus Tullius CiceroSafety

More law, less justice.

- Marcus Tullius Cicero