The best Song and Lyrics Quotes (Page 46)

The best Song and Lyrics Quotes (Page 46)

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My life in an upturned boat,
Marooned on a cliff.
You brought me a great big flood,
And you gave me a lift.
Girl, what a gift.
Will you tell me with your tongue,
And your breath was in my lungs,
And we float up through the rift.
The Shins - Simple Song
So I guess it ain't
Dead after shave of cologne, that made him just faint
Plus, I just showed up with a coat fresher than wet paint
So if love is a chess game, check mate
Eminem - Berzerk, Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Now this shit's about to kick off, this party looks wack
Let's take it back to straight hip-hop and start it from scratch
Eminem - Berzerk, Album: The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Each to his own way I'll go mine
Best of luck with what you find
But for your own sake remember times
We used to know
Jethro Tull - We Used to Know
I'm glad I didn't die before I met you
Bright Eyes - First Day of my life
I make mistakes
Just like everybody else
But instead of letting go of it
I can't forgive myself
How did I get so far
From where I was
When did I decide
To lose my way
Who have I become
If I can make it there
I'll make it anywhere
It's up to you
New York, New York
Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
I want to wake up in that city
That doesn't sleep
And find I'm king of the hill
Top of the heap
Frank Sinatra - New York, New York
And now the end is near
And so I face the final curtain
I’ll state my case of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full, I traveled each and ev’ry highway
And more, much more than this: I did it my way
Frank Sinatra - My Way
If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've been so alone
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done.
Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home
Wish that I could stay forever this young
Not afraid to close my eyes
Life's a game made for everyone
And love is the prize
Avicii - Wake Me Up
So wake me up when it's all over
When I'm wiser and I'm older
All this time I was finding myself
And I didn't know I was lost
Avicii - Wake Me Up
Your lips say that you love
Your eyes say that you hate
Linkin Park - In Pieces, Album: Minutes to Midnight
But no one would listen
'Cause no one else cared
Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest, Album: Minutes to Midnight
When my time comes
Forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some
Reasons to be missed
Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest, Album: Minutes to Midnight
It's so hard to say that I'm sorry
I'll make everything alright
All these things that I've done
Now what have I become and where'd I go wrong?
Sum 41 - Best of Me
Maybe she laughs and maybe she cries
And maybe you would be surprised at everything she keeps inside
Boonaa Mohammed - Beautiful
Don't get too close
It's dark inside
It's where my demons hide
Imagine Dragons - Demons, Album: Night Visons
I need to let you go
Your eyes they shine
so bright
I want to save their light.
Imagine Dragons - Demons, Album: Night Visons
And it takes no time to fall in love
But it takes you years to know what love is
And it takes some fears to make you trust
It takes those tears to make it rust
Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful
Staring at the ceiling in the dark
Same all empty feeling in your heart
Love comes slow and it goes so fast
Well you see her when you fall asleep
But never to touch and never to keep
Because you loved her too much, and you dive too deep
Passenger - Let Her Go
Well you only need the light when it's burning low
Only miss the sun when it starts to snow
Only know your lover when you let her go
Only know you've been high when you're feeling low
Only hate the road when you're missin' home
Only know your lover when you've let her go
Passenger - Let Her Go
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter
Linkin Park - In The End, Album: Meteora
If someone said three years from now.
You'd be long gone.
I'd stand up and punch them out.
Cause they're all wrong.
Pink - Who knew?
I Love You More
Than I Can Ever Scream
Black Veil Brides, Album: We Stitch These Wounds
Well, this is just a simple song
To say what you done
I told you 'bout all those fears
And away they did run
You sure must be strong
And you feel like an ocean being warmed by the sun
When I was just nine years old
I swear that I dreamt
Your face on a football field
And a kiss that I kept
Under my vest
Apart from everything
But the heart in my chest
The Shins - Simple Song
Music was my first love
and it will be my last.
Music of the future
and music of the past.

To live without my music
would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles,
my music pulls me through.
John Miles - Music was my first Love
I only miss you when I'm breathing
I only need you when my heart is beating
You are the color that I'm bleeding
I only miss you when I'm breathing
Jason Derulo - Breathing
If you're havin' girl problems, I feel bad for you, son
I got 99 problems, but a b*tch ain't one
Jay-Z - 99 Problems
No tarot card reading, I'm foreseeing you n*ggas vanish
Not only from the rap game, I'm including the planet
Cats so watered down clowns can sink Titanic
Tie titanium around their neck and watch em panic
Kendrick Lamar - Ignorance is Bliss
Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
Where there is a flame
Someone's bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn't mean you're gonna die
You've gotta get up and try try try
Pink - Try
I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?
Keane - Some
And if you have a minute, why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything
So why don't we go somewhere only we know?
Keane - Somewhere we only know
Sometimes, when all that's lost remains
Drink from the fountain of youth and never age again
Sometimes we jump across to every cloud
Fly away get lost and never be found
Miami Horror - Sometimes
I think of places I have been to
And where it all began
It'll always be around you
I'm coming home again
Campaign Like Clockwork - Lightspeed, Album: Neon For No One
Don't regret what you have been through and what you had to do
Campaign Like Clockwork - Utopia, Album: Neon For No One
Broken dreams, empty eyes
All you want is to survive
Drying tears, hope has gone
You have lost what we had won
Campaign Like Clockwork - Utopia, Album: Neon For No One
Somebody come and bring me some water
Only want to survive
Life is not long, so don't make it shorter
I'm too young to die
Campaign Like Clockwork - Far From Here, Album: Neon For No One
I'd give up all the world to see that little piece of heaven looking back at me.
Now that it's over, I just wanna hold her.
I've gotta live with the choices I made and I can't live with myself today.
Skillet - Lucy, Album: Awake
Now it's my time.
I'll do what I want, 'cause this is my life.
Here, right now,
Skillet - AWAKE AND ALIVE, Album: Awake
I'm at war with the world and they try to pull me into the dark.
I struggle to find my faith, as I'm slippin from your arms.
Skillet - AWAKE AND ALIVE, Album: Awake
Love is a word you gave it a name.
'til I see you smile
just for me
'til I hear you breathe
calm and free
and until you sleep
I won't let you grieve
Lovex - Guardian Angel, Album: Guardian Angel (EP)
And if you cry, i'll hold your head up high
I'll be there by your side
I will be your guardian angel
I will do the things that I can to light your life and see you smile
And it brakes my heart in two...
Lovex - Guardian Angel, Album: Guardian Angel (EP)
Through the darkness and broken glass
I'll come for you, if you only ask
And there i'll stand
Just for you
Lovex - Guardian Angel, Album: Guardian Angel (EP)
And if strength is born from heartbreak,
many mountains I could move.
And if walls could speak I'd pray
that they would tell me what to do.

If you see me, please just walk on by, walk on by.
Forget my name and I'll forget it too.
Failed attempts at living simple lives, simple lives
always keep me coming back to you.
Rise Against - Drones
How we survive, is what makes us who we are.
Rise Against - Survive
Somewhere between happy, and total f*cking wreck.
Feet sometimes on solid ground, sometimes at the edge.
To spend your waking moments, simply killing time
Is to give up on your hopes and dreams, to give up on your...

Life for you, has been less than kind.
So take a number, stand in line.
We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt.
But how we survive, is what makes us who we are.
Rise Against - Survive
In the oceans deep;
In the canyons steep,
Walls of granite here I stand.
All my desperate calls
Echo off the walls
Back and forth; then back again.

To believe I walk alone
Is a lie that I've been told.

So let your heart hold fast
For this soon shall pass,
There's another hill ahead.
Fort Atlantic - Let Your Heart Hold Fast