The best Quotes and Phrases about Love (Page 9)

Love, Amour, Amor, Liebe - Love has many names. Here you can find the most beautiful Quotes about Love. You want to tell someone how much you love them? Or you're looking for a nice quote for one of your pictures? Get inspired by our great Love-Quotes!

The best Quotes and Phrases about Love
A.A. Milne: Love
Johnny Depp: Love
Nicholas Sparks: Love
Rumor Has It...: Love
Notting Hill: Love
Nicholas Sparks: Love
Beauty and the Beast: Love
Thomas Hardy: Love

If you find your true love, protect her with your life. We're all beasts without the redeeming humanity of love.

LoveKing's Quest - VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, by Beast

I've fought many wars in my time. Some I've fought for land, some for power, some for glory. I suppose fighting for love makes more sense than all the rest.

LoveTroy, by Priam

If you believe in your dreams, you could be sure that any force, a tornado, a volcano or a typhoon, wouldn't be able to knock you out of love; because love exists on its own.

LoveArizona Dream, by Axel Blackmar
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