Quotes and Lyrics by Louis Tomlinson

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You got me so addicted to the drama
I tell myself I'm done with wicked games
But then I get so numb with all the laughter
That I forget about the pain

Louis Tomlinson - Back To You

I know my friends, they give me bad advice
Like move on, get you out my mind
But don't you think I haven't even tried?
You got me cornered and my hands are tied

Louis Tomlinson - Back To You

I come runnin' to you like a moth into a flame
You tell me, "Take it easy," but it's easier to say
Wish I didn't need so much of you
I hate to say, but I do

Louis Tomlinson - Defenceless, Album: Walls

It shouldn't come as no surprise anymore
I know you said that you'd give me another chance
But you and I knew the truth of it in advance
That mentally, you were already out the door

Louis Tomlinson - Habit, Album: Walls

When the high's too high and the low's too low
When you love someone and they let you go
Don't you let it kill you
Even when it hurts like hell
Oh, whatever tears you apart
Don't let it break your heart

Louis Tomlinson - Don't Let it Break Your Heart, Album: Walls

I could feel your blood run through me
You're written in my DNA
Looking back in every memory
I know you'll be waiting, I'll see you again

Louis Tomlinson - Two of Us, Album: Walls

But you only get half of the story
The cash, and the cars and the glory
No sleep and we party 'til morning
'Cause nobody cares when you're boring

Louis Tomlinson - Just like You