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Logic, originally meaning "the word" or "what is spoken", but coming to mean "thought" or "reason", is a subject concerned with the most general laws of truth, and is now generally held to consist of the systematic study of the form of valid inference. A valid inference is one where there is a specific relation of logical support between the assumptions of the inference and its conclusion. There is no universal agreement as to the exact scope and subject matter of logic, but it has traditionally included the classification of arguments, the systematic exposition of the 'logical form' common to all valid arguments, the study of inference, including fallacies, and the study of semantics, including paradoxes.

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Song Quote by Logic - Homicide, Album: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

And I'm tired of all of this high school 'He's cool, he's not' rap shit
Can a single one of you motherfuckers even rap? Shit
No, this ain't a diss to the game, this a gas to the flame
Nowadays, everybody sound the same, shit's lame

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Quote by Logic (Rapper) - bei den 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

I am here to fight for your equality, because I believe that we are all born equal. But we are not treated equally and that is why we must fight.

Song Quote by Logic - Black SpiderMan mit Damian Lemar Hudson

Do what you love and don't ever wonder what it could be

Song Quote by Logic - 1-800-273-8255 ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid, Album: Everybody

I've been on the low, I've been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind, it feels like my life ain't mine