The best Quotes by Lilly Rush

The best Quotes by Lilly Rush

Lilly Rush: "Garbage dump?"
Nick Vera: "You don't mind a little dirt, do you, Rush?"
Lilly Rush: "I hang around you, don't I?"
Cold Case - Season 1
Lily Rush: "From 1983."
Nick Vera: "An '83 case can wait. Come on, Lily."
Lily Rush: "No, it can't. It waited long enough."
Cold Case - Season 1
Rob Deemer: "I didn't know there were girls on the line."
Lilly Rush: "There's one."
Randy Price: "I told you it was good."
Lilly Rush: "So why didn't you let the cops know about it back then?"
Randy Price: "I wouldn't have profited from that. I was saving it for a rainy day."
Lilly Rush: "And now it's pouring."
Nick Vera: "Rush, your boyfriend's downstairs."
Lily Rush: "I'm single. You sure it's not your boyfriend?"
Cold Case - Season 1
Gwen Deemer: "Why should I trust you, huh? I don't even know you!"
Lily Rush: "No, you don't, because if you did, you'd know I was just getting started."
Cold Case - Season 1

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Nick Vera: "What's wrong with my car?"
Will Jeffries: "Nothing if you like being single."
Rodney: "Looks awfully young to be one of my customers."
Nick Vera: "Come on, Rodney, you'd sell to a toddler if they had the cash."
Nick Vera: "Maybe this Benny guy started the fire."
John Stillman: "Yeah, right after he got shot in the face."
Nick Vera: "Good point."
Nick Vera: "Two years in the lockup for putting steppops in a coma?"
Mad Mo: "Those records are supposed to be sealed."
Nick Vera: "Don't worry, we taped them back up."
Why do women always have high hopes for men that want to kill them?
Cold Case - Season 1
Dr. McKenzie: "Fit as a fiddle. You got your hearing, you got your vision, and you got your looks."
Nick Vera: "I can see why you're so popular around the station."
Dr. McKenzie: "Just promise me you'll eat an apple once in a while, all right?"
Nick Vera: "Scout's honor."
A triple murder gets you a date with the needle real quick.
We're not defined by what we los. We're defined by what we survive.
Jecki Lon in Star Wars: The Acolyte - Season 1 Episode 4

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