Quotes by Leauge of Legends Champions

League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games. The main game League of Legends and its Auto-Chess variant Teamfight Tactics (TFT) offer a variety of champions who all have their own sets of quotes, taunts and voice lines which they use while fighting to destroy the opposing team's Nexus.

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LeBlanc the Deceiver„For my next trick, I'll make the lifebar disappear.”Karthus the Deathsinger„What's the incantation again... yes, uhm... oh, right, R!”
Yorick, Shepherd of Souls„I think I might know a relative of yours. No hair, sagging flesh, always going on about brains... ring any bells?”Ashe the Frost Archer„No, really. Put that apple on your head!”Heimerdinger the Revered Inventor„Why do chemists call helium, curium and barium 'the medical elements?' Because, if you can't 'heal 'em' or 'cure 'em', you 'bury 'em!'”Janna the Storm's Fury„Yes, it's true. For only 2.95 a minute I will leave you breathless.”Yone the Unforgotten„Long before blades and sorcery are needed, words... can save a soul.”Vladimir the Crimson Reaper„Go ahead, be negative. You'll be just my type.”Shyvana the Half-Dragon„What do you get when a dragon sneezes? Out of the way.”
Ornn, The Fire below the Mountain„Volibear made the first river. You do not want to know how.”Akali the Rogue Assassin„Everyone dies, I just speed things up.”Jhin the Virtuoso„I live for the applause, you will die for it.”Vi the Piltover Enforcer„Welcome to the party, try the punch.”Veigar the Tiny Master of Evil„What's black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?”Alistar the Minotaur„You can't milk those!”Lissandra the Ice Witch„I consider 'frigid' a compliment.”
Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox„Should I make your pulse rise? Or... stop?”Seraphine, the Starry-Eyed Songstress„We get as close to death as we can to feel alive.”Aatrox the Darkin Blade„So uh, I'm Aatrox. I'm a transcendental being trapped inside cutlery... What's your deal?”Anivia the Cryophoenix„The chicken or the egg? Actually, I came first.”Elise the Spider Queen„I hear man likes a lady with legs.”Garen, The Might of Demacia„Let's end this quickly, I need to use the little soldier's room.”Graves the Outlaw„I like my enemies two ways, dead or about to be.”
Brand the Burning Vengeance„Is it hot here, or is it just me?”Lucian the Purifier„It's not that I fear you Hecarim... I just hate to put a good horse down.”Fiddlesticks the Ancient Fear„I haven't got a brain and soon neither will you.”Jax, Grandmaster at Arms„Imagine if I had a real weapon!”Kassadin the Void Walker„I tried to silence my mother once. Boy, I regret that.”Kennen the Heart of the Tempest„Yes, they make shurikens this small.”Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge„Tongueless men can't talk back.”
Morgana the Fallen„To see the world in black and white is to blind yourself to all of life's colors.”Lee Sin the Blind Monk„Blindness is not impairment against a smelly enemy.”Pantheon the Unbreakable Spear„My profession? You know, now that I think of it... I always wanted to be a baker.”Tryndamere the Barbarian King„My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm.”Malzahar the Prophet of the Void„[Burps] I think a voidling just came out.”Udyr the Spirit Walker„If PETA asks, this fur is fake.”Sett the Boss„Hey, is there a doctor on hand? Asking for my opponents.”
Evelynn, Agony's Embrace„Hate and love are just two words for passion.”Leona the Radiant Dawn„I think I broke a nail, good thing it wasn't mine.”Talon the Blade's Shadow„Ah, I lost another blade. I wonder who it's in this time.”Soraka the Starchild„Yes, that was banana. No one expects the banana.”Nasus the Curator of the Sands„Who let the dogs out? Wuff, wuff.”Maokai the Twisted Treant„Nature is the truest form of balance, eat and avoid being eaten.”Nunu & Willump the Boy and His Yeti„Heroes don't need hugs. Okay, they're not looking now. Bring it in, you big fursnarggle!”
Twisted Fate the Card Master„Never lost a fair game, or played one. Cheater's just a fancy word for winner.”Samira the Desert Rose„I am the beauty and the beast.”Lillia the Bashful Bloom„I'm not wearing any pants! Oh oh. So that's what human nightmares are like.”Teemo, the Swift Scout„There's a mushroom out there with your name on it.”Olaf the Berserker„The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his belt buckle.”Orianna the Lady of Clockwork„I know what makes them tick, I know how to make their ticking stop.”Blitzcrank the Great Steam Golem„I put the 'go' in golem. That was humor, other golems find that to be appropriately funny.”
Renekton the Butcher of the Sands„What? Do I have someone in my teeth?”Mordekaiser the Iron Revenant„I like my weapons how I like my music, heavy and metal.”Shen the Eye of Twilight„If light travels so fast, how come it's never caught a ninja?”Tristana the Yordle Gunner„Do you have a rocket in your pocket?”Miss Fortune the Bounty Hunter„Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself respawning at home.”Twitch the Plague Rat„What's that smell? Oh, it's me.”Varus the Arrow of Retribution„When you dance with Death, lead.”
Zed the Master of Shadows„The unseen blade is the deadliest.”Yasuo the Unforgiven„Honor is in the heart, not the name.”Kha'Zix the Voidreaver„I ate an optimist once, but I couldn't keep him 'down'.”Nocturne the Eternal Nightmare„Weather forecast for tonight: Dark with a chance of pain.”