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Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is known for her unconventionality and provocative work as well as visual experimentation. Gaga began her musical career performing songs at open mic nights and school plays.

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I pray tomorrow will be a day of peace for all Americans. A day for love, not hatred. A day for acceptance not fear. A day for dreaming of our future joy as a country. A dream that is non-violent, a dream that provides safety for our souls. Love, from the Capitol.

Lady Gaga, January 2021, about the Inauguration of Joe Biden

Whether I'm wearing lots of makeup or no makeup, I'm always the same person inside.

Beauty, MakeupLady Gaga

I'm half living my life between reality and fantasy at all times.

Imagination, RealityLady Gaga

I bow down to pray
I try to make the worst seem better
Lord, show me the way
To cut through all his worn out leather
I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away
But baby, I just need one good one to stay

Lady Gaga - Million Reasons, Album: Joanne

I don’t need to be on top to know I’m worth it
'Cause I'm strong enough to know the truth
I just want it to be hot
Because I’m blessed when I’m in love, and I’m in love with you

Lady Gaga - G.U.Y., Album: ARTPOP

I've overheard your theory 'Nostalgia's for geeks'
I guess sir, if you say so
Some of us just like to read
One second I'm a kunst, then suddenly the kunst is me
Pop culture was in art, now art’s in pop culture, in me

Lady Gaga - Applause, Album: ARTPOP

Tell me something boy
Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void?
Or do you need more
Ain't it hard keepin' it so hardcore?

Lady Gaga - Shallow (mit Bradley Cooper), Album: A Star Is Born (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

You can't have my heart and, you won't use my mind
But do what you want with my body

Lady Gaga - Do What U Want, Album: ARTPOP

Music is one of the most powerful things the world has to offer. No matter what race or religion or nationality or sexual orientation or gender that you are, it has the power to unite us.

Music, ToleranceLady Gaga

I don't need eyes to see
I felt you touchin' me
High like amphetamine
Maybe you're just a dream
That's what it means to crush
Now that I'm wakin' up
I still feel the blow
But at least now I know

Lady Gaga - Perfect Illusion, Album: Joanne

You have to be unique, and different, and shine in your own way.

CharacterLady Gaga