The best Quotes by Kokoro / Code:556

The best Quotes by Kokoro / Code:556

Together, we'll find happiness.
Is it wrong to create a new life? Are we not allowed to think of the future?
If I look up, I see thousands of lives shining deep in the sky. So far away and although I try, I just can't reach out. Yet, even with broken wings, we'll fly away once again. For the promise we must keep. For the future we must pass on.
In the past, having a baby was the most natural thing.
Do you know the language of flowers?

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My wings exist for you. I'm your partner. I'm not going to leave you alone.
The Jian, also known as "the bird that shares wings," only possesses one wing. Unless a male and female pair lean on each other and act as one, they're incapable of flight. They're imperfect, incomplete creatures. But, for some reason, their way of life, struck me as profoundly beautiful.
And you are me... it doesn't matter how long it takes, as long as we have souls. I'm sure I will meet you again on Earth and we'll pick up where we left off. I feel the same. I love you, darling.
You're all wonderful. You have the ability to decide your futures with your own hearts.
A kiss is something you share with your special someone. Is the one you kissed special to you?
Don't worry, we'll always be together. Until the day we die.
If you have anything you wanna say, you better spit it out while you can. Because you're all going to die sooner or later.
Once we die, we'll only be a statistic. It won't matter what we were called.
It's been a long time since I last saw a human cry.
I think I have taken a liking to you. Won't you be my darling?
If you don't belong here, just a build a place where you do. If you don’t have a partner, just find another one. If you can't find one, just take one by force!
The distant skies. Beyond time and distance. An overwhelmingly long journey just for the two of us. You're a part of me. I'm a part of you. I'll remember your warmth, along with the memories we've made together. I'll never let you go again!
I don't know why, but the warm touch of her lips made my heart race.
You and I; alone and lonesome. With the wings that I tore apart with my own hands, it will never be possible again to fly away. The days that I could spend as your wing, the sky that I dreamed we could take to some day. It has all started fading away.
It's only because I met you, that I can stand here right now.
When we first met, I couldn't take my eyes off you. You were confident, held your head high, and I found that beautiful.
Getting mocked for my lack of a partner would be one thing. But the fact that there was still a part of me that hoped for one made me feel pathetic.
Our sole reason to exist is to become Franxx and fight. We were born only for that purpose, raised only for that purpose. But to me, the failure of the group, that's something I can't forgive. With nowhere I can feel like I belong... that's when I met you.
Hiro / Code:016 in Darling In The Franxx - Season 1 Episode 1
The weak ones die. Big deal.
When you lose everything, that's when you're finally free.
Star Wars: The Acolyte - Season 1 Episode 6

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