The best Quotes from Knives Out

The best Quotes from Knives Out

And a little bird has told me, how should I put this delicately? You have a regurgitive reaction to mistruthing.
Benoit Blanc
Marta Cabrera: "You're not much of a detective, are you?"
Benoit Blanc: "Well, to be fair, you make a pretty lousy murderer."
There is so much of me in that kid: confident, stupid, playing life like a game.
Benoit Blanc: "I'm here because someone dodged a very important question."
Elliot: "Who?"
Benoit Blanc: "Me."
Benoit Blanc: "It's a twisted web. And we're not finished untangling it, not yet."
Ransom: "What is this? CSI: KFC?"
Joni Thrombey: "Can we ask why? Has something changed?"
Benoit Blanc: "No."
Joni Thrombey: "No, it hasn't changed, or, No, we can't ask?"
Why is grief the providence of youth? I don't know. But I'd imagine that age deepens all feelings.
Benoit Blanc
The family is truly desperate. And when people get desperate, the knives come out.
Benoit Blanc
Meine Anwesenheit wird dekorativer Natur sein. Sie erleben mich als respektvollen, ruhigen, passiven Beobachter der Wahrheit.
Benoit Blanc
Just the thought of lying makes me puke.
The complexity and the gray lie not in the truth, but what you do with the truth once you have it.
Benoit Blanc
We must look a little closer. And when we do, we see that the doughnut hole has a hole in its center. It is not a doughnut hole, but a smaller doughnut with its own hole, and our doughnut is not holed at all!

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I was a little, skinny, runt kid, and I decided that bowling was what I was going to do in life.
If I die tomorrow, I've accomplished everything I wanted to do in life.
I can do whatever I want - I'm rich, I'm famous, and I'm bigger than you.
The most aggressive artists often hide their romantic side.
This is what I do for a living. It's not who I am as a human being.
Boobs give us many useful things. Boobs give us milk, cheese... breasts nourish our young until the age where we can go out and hunt for them.
Birdie Jay: "I didn't even know that that word referred to Jewish people. I thought it was a generic term for 'cheap'."
Peg: "'Jewy'?"
He sends me his ideas that I'm supposed to...- You know what, you tell me: Genius or insanity?
"Uber for biospheres." I don't know. Okay. Maybe?
"AI in dogs equals discourse." Okay? I mean, all night long, they just keep...- But then, remember?
"Child equals NFT." We all laughed, but then the Crypto Kids app paid for this building.
Genius always looks like insanity at first.
My dear friends, my beautiful disruptors, my closest inner circle, we could use a moment of normalcy. And so you are cordially invited for a long weekend on my private island where we will celebrate the bonds that connect us, and I hope your puzzle-solving skills are whetted. Because you will also be competing to solve the mystery of my murder.
Everything is so woke these days, it's out of control.
Birdie: "This can't Shazam. It's a lamp!"
Claire: "I love you, Birdie."
Ladies and gentlemen, you expected a mystery. You expected a puzzle. But for one person on this island, this is not a game.
Your cells age at half the rate of a normal human. When you're 40, you'll still have the leucocytes of a teenager.
Beast / Hank McCoy in X-Men - Erste Entscheidung

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