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[to Stephen Curry] All we do is shoot threes and win championships... I love you brother!

Golden State WarriorsKlay Thompson, June 2022, NBA Championship win by GSW

It just feels good to say we're the best team in the world, with the best players in the world.

Golden State WarriorsKlay Thompson, June 2015

As a rule, I do not approve of messing around with coffee. No sugar, no milk, no chocolate, hazelnuts, cinnamon, no nothing.... just drink it black, the way God does.

CoffeeKlay Thompson

I know to win a championship, you're not going to do it alone. You're going to have to have a great supporting cast.

Golden State WarriorsKlay Thompson

I knew my worth. I knew I could be one of the best 2-guards in the league. I'm not going to be bashful about it anymore.

Klay Thompson