Quotes and Voice-Lines by Killjoy

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Killjoy

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Go ahead, call me tech support again!
Don't stress if I die, it was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard-drive.
Cypher your homemade gadgets are so cute, remind me of some of my works in kindergarten.
You can trust my bots. They only messed up that one time and honestly, she won't miss that finger.
No, Brimstone. Remember, your screen isn't frozen, it's just locked. And no, the Internet isn't down, it's never down.
Everyone makes fun of German efficiency. Haha, just keep laughing as you use all my gear.
There's a Viper over there. What a shame to rid the world of that mind. But I think she needs to rest.
Valorant - to Viper
Reyna, I can see why you don't want any of my tech. You're scary enough without it.
Valorant - to Reyna
The enemy Raze's tech is just spare parts and duct tape. It's a wonder she hasn't blown herself up.
Valorant - to Raze
Raze: "Killjoy, after this you wanna do some...tinkering?"
Killjoy: "Sure, but if anything explodes again, you are telling Brim."
I know that Killjoy's tricks. Wait, she knows mine! Hah, finally, a challenge!
Valorant - to Killjoy
Aha, the cool kid in class has some brains too! Impressive!
Valorant - to Yoru
Breach, I wish you'd take my extra reactor coolant. Ugh, if your arms overheat out there, don't blame me!
Valorant - to Breach
Who's up, for a debrief!? Anyone? No one?
Valorant - on Matchwin
Let's see. Battles are won by geniuses. And I am a genius. Sooo...
Remember, your weapon is only a tool. You can't just shoot, you have to think!
Why is no one wearing the pulse monitors I gave you? Honestly, I ask for a few readouts and you think I'm Doctor Frankenstein.
Swarm grenades? Check. Killer robots? Check- oh, hah, don't worry. They're only killer when I say so.
Relax. I've already thought of everything.
I evaluated their strategy. It's a joke.
Don't worry, team. If you die, I have your memories backuped at base. Just kidding... or am I?
Okay, I put together some data on our last six combat missions, did you read it? Did anyone read it? Oh god, can anyone here read?
Don't die. If you need help figuring out how, just ask.

Quotes about Killjoy

All right, I take back what I said about those bots. And your height. And those dumb pants.
Jett in Valorant - to Killjoy
Killjoy, control your bots! That turret keeps looking at me funny.
Killjoy, do you control the admin account on my bracer? I... might... need you to reset the password.
Let's make that Killjoy's toys look as dumb as her jacket, eh?
Astra in Valorant - to Killjoy
That Killjoy's tech is everywhere. We're not at a science fair, get rid of that sh-t!
Yoru in Valorant - to Killjoy
Yo, Killjoy? Think you could enhance my knives at some point? Maybe some lasers, homing tech... I'm just spitballing here.
Jett in Valorant - to Killjoy
Killjoy! Thanks for letting me borrow your Alarmbot. It's so much better with explosions! Why did you never try that?
Raze in Valorant - to Killjoy
I will get inside their inventor's head. Even brilliant minds will break to madness.
Omen in Valorant - to Killjoy
Enough with the robots, I want their maker.
Reyna in Valorant - to Killjoy
Killjoy, my suit's got like a billion volts, don't touch it!
Killjoy calls her tech "killer robots". Good joke, funny.
Is Killjoy here? I could use some repairs.
What's so special about that Killjoy's tech? I've got visual senses too, they're called eyes!

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I can't get the settings menu on my display to turn off. How do I...? Oh. Got it.
Failure is the great teacher. So let's teach 'em somethin'!
Sage, we're the perfect pair... you give life, I take it.
They stopped breathing? Excellent. Then we're done.
Why did they bring Sage? Now they have to die twice, idiots.
Five enemies. Five for me, none for anyone else.
Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang. Just promise you'll dance at my funeral, okay?
C'mon guys, take out their healer! It's super annoying to kill people twice.
I bet you never seen a can opener do that.
They're scared, I don't need cameras to see that.
Bodies decompose after twelve hours in acid. There is no reason I know that.
Trust me, they'll know what hit 'em.
They fear death. They should fear so much more than that.
A warrior is known by his deeds, not his mouth.
Astra in Valorant - to Phoenix

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