The best Quotes by Keyaru

The best Quotes by Keyaru

I'm going to heal this corrupt world and go back to before I met you.
It's like there's always a voice I can hear that comes from deep inside me.
I am a pacifist; as long as you don't do harm, I won't come at you first. However, the moment you've become my enemy, there's no forgiveness.
How about we have some brutal, gruesome, merciless fun, until you're begging me for death.
The weaker Keyaru no longer exists. I have been reborn. My name is Keyaruga. I will redo my life how I want it. I am the strongest healer.
Even I had come to the conclusion that the only ability of a healer is to heal. That's why I was continuously exploited. Even If I had realized my mistake, my life was already over. I'm going to redo it all, so I can have the future I desire.
In my first go at life, I was a healer… exactly as the name implies, I revive and heal the injured. However, there was a fatal drawback to healing. I see all the experiences of the people I heal stream in front of me in an instant. There was unimaginable fear and suffering, things that couldn't be endured with a sane mind. Truthfully, I ran away countless times because I didn't want to use my healing powers. But no matter how many times I escaped, I always ended up getting caught again.

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