The best Quotes by Karen Calhoun

The best Quotes by Karen Calhoun

Entdecke inspirierende Zitate von Karen Calhoun, einer faszinierenden Persönlichkeit. Lass dich von ihren Worten berühren und besuche die Seite, um mehr zu erfahren.

Stephanie: "Bye, Karen! Looking good."
Karen: "Eat a d-ck, Stephanie."
Stephanie: "What?"
Nora: "Yeah, bye!"
The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
He sucked. He really did. He was a real, like, p*ssy and he couldn't, like, make his junk work.
The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1

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Carter: "Can we go inside and look around?"
Dean: "No, Carter, we're going to drive past the house really fast and throw all our money at it. That's how you buy a house."
Dean Brannock in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
It's a ferret. It was just a reward for moving out here. He's a cute little guy. He pees everywhere... the ferret, not my son.
Nora Brannock in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
Dean: "How did you get in here anyway?"
Mo: "Through the hole in the bushes, Sherlock. Only been there for 50 years."
Mo and Mitch in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
Dean: "Can you just pick the arugula that's growing on your side of the fence?"
Mo: "I just told you it migrated to this side of the fence! Here's how the sun goes... full sun, full sun, blocked! Now, if you were arugula, which side of the fence would you pick?"
Mitch: "Basic f*cking horticulture, friend."
Mo and Mitch in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
We're only going to be an hour away from the city. Besides, I never see you talking to your friends in person. It's always on the TikTok and the Snap Crackle and the Swinged In.
Dean Brannock in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
Mo: "We're getting in our Vitamin D and harvesting the wild arugula that's along the fence."
Mitch: "We used to call it 'rocket'. Now it's all French. You got to call it 'arugula' or else you're racist, or some PC bullshit like that."
Mo and Mitch in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
Nobody's scared. We're pissed off, is what we are.
Dean Brannock in The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
Dearest new neighbor at 657 Boulevard. Allow me to welcome you to the neighborhood. How did you end up here? Did 657 Boulevard call to you with its force within? 657 Boulevard has been the subject of my family for decades now and as it approaches its 100th birthday, I'm in charge of watching and waiting for its second coming. Someone watches the house in the 1920s and someone else watched in the 1960s. It is now my time.
Do you know the history of the house? Do you know what lies within the walls of 657 Boulevard? I wonder what brought you here. I see already that you have flooded 657 Boulevard with contractors, so that you can finish the bas*ment. Why was it left that way? It might not frighten you yet, but it will. What else didn't they tell you?
You have two children. I have seen them. Are there more on the way? You need to fill the house with young blood... better for me. It was greed that brought your children here. Once I know their names, I'll call to them and draw them to me. Who am I? There are hundreds of cars that drive by each day. Maybe I am in one. Look out any of the windows in 657 Boulevard, at all the people who stroll by each day. Maybe I am one. This message will not be the last.
Welcome, friends.
I am The Watcher.
The Watcher - Season 1 Episode 1
My heart would never flutter for those who needlessly hurt others!
Is it okay for a girl to be this strong? I still worry that someone may ask that, as though I'm not human. In my fear, I was suppressing my strength. But not anymore. Leave this to me. I will protect everyone.
Cyclops: "We get this done by working together as a team."
Wolverine: "Geez, Bub. Keep buzzing in my ear."

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