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You can't win unless you learn how to lose.

Experience, WinningKareem Abdul-Jabbar

I think that the good and the great are only separated by the willingness to sacrifice.

AmbitionKareem Abdul-Jabbar

Michael Jordan and Magic and myself all learned how to play the game in college programs that emphasized the team.

Basketball, TeamsKareem Abdul-Jabbar

I tell kids to pursue their basketball dreams, but I tell them to not let that be their only dream.

BasketballKareem Abdul-Jabbar

LeBron James can get a shot off under any and all circumstances and he makes them.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I saw Islam as the correct way to live, and I chose to try to live that way.

IslamKareem Abdul-Jabbar

I wanted to play baseball!

BaseballKareem Abdul-Jabbar

I rooted for the Dodgers when they were in Brooklyn.

Los Angeles Dodgers, BrooklynKareem Abdul-Jabbar