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I'm not the type to talk a lot, I try to let my game speak for me.

Kai Havertz

It was important for us that we didn't throw everything overboard after the lost game against France, but stuck to our plan, we trust the coach, we trust the system.

Kai Havertz, June 2021, after Germany - France

I am not a buff guy who's working out at the gym after practice.

Kai Havertz, June 2021

I try to play good football. I am not thinking about my market value when I enter the pitch.

Kai Havertz, November 2020

I wanted to find a club with a vision. There's a change happening right now. We're a young team with many great players. We play offensive. That's very motivating.

Chelsea F.C.Kai Havertz, November 2020, about playing for Chelsea F.C.