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They say the first year after a major loss is the hardest. That’s an understatement; loss is its own brand of insanity and no relief from it. There are no shortcuts and the only way through grief is through it. You just have to get up every day and wait to go to bed every night, then wake up and do it all over again.

Breakup & Lovesick, Grief, LossKa Hancock in Dancing on Broken Glass

Our bodies did the work but it was our souls that were conjoined.

Ka Hancock in Dancing on Broken Glass

I really think everyone should be important enough to just one other person on this freaking planet to be fought for. Even me. And nobody’s fighting for me. So I’m done.

Breakup & Lovesick, Giving Up, Solitude & Being AloneKa Hancock in Dancing on Broken Glass

Word to the wise writer: never underestimate your secondary characters! But watch them... they sneak off with stuff.

Stories, WritingKa Hancock

I'm sure that sounds odd, but looking at me and seeing me are two very different things.

Appearance, SeeingKa Hancock in Dancing on Broken Glass

Lucy, every marriage is a dance; complicated at times, lovely at times, most the time very uneventful. But with Mickey, there will be times when your dance will be on broken glass. There will be pain. And you will either flee that pain or hold tighter and dance through it to the next smooth place.

Marriage, RelationshipsKa Hancock in Dancing on Broken Glass