The best Quotes from Jujutsu Kaisen

The best Quotes from Jujutsu Kaisen

Here you can find the best Quotes from Jujutsu Kaisen, a Japanese manga series about high school student Yuji Itadori. In 2022, a prequel named Jujutsu Kaisen 0 will be released.

I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I want to be needed by someone and to be told that it is okay for me to live. To be important to someone.
Yuta Okkotsu in Jujutsu Kaisen - 0
But what are you going to do when someone you saved kills someone else in the future?
I always get stuck with unfortunate circumstances.
Just help them, Just do it, That way when you die, you won't die alone.
I'm going to help people unequally.
Education is making people realize things.
The accumulation of those little despairs is what makes a person an adult.
Searching for someone to blame is such a pain.
I don't know how I'll feel when I'm dead, but I don't want to regret the way I lived.
I want more good people to enjoy fairness, even if only a few.
You should use your strength to help others.
It'll be fine. I'm the strongest there is, after all.
I have no intention of risking my own life to save someone I had no intention of saving in the first place.
You're basically half a curse already.
I bet he likes setting oil-slicked gulls on fire.
Cheer up guys, at least I'm here.
It's not about whether I can. I have to do it.
I'm into girls like Jennifer Lawrence. Nice to meet you!

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If anybody even tries to whisper the word "diet," I'm like, "You can go f- yourself!"
If I don't have anything to do all day, I might not even put pants on.
A gray heron once told me that all gray herons are liars. So, is that the truth or a lie?
Know yourself, know your adversary, and you hold the key to victory.
Ash Ketchum in Pokémon - Season 1 Episode 7
I've only ever regretted the things I didn't do.
Atsushi Nakajima in Bungo Stray Dogs - Season 2 Episode 7
Once you meet someone, you never really forget them. It just takes a while for your memory to come back to you.
Zeniba in Spirited Away
This world is merciless, and it's also very beautiful.
They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst.
Sophie Hatter in Howl's Moving Castle
We can never make up for our own misfortune unless we collect it from the blessed.
No matter what lies you tell, you can't fool your own heart.
Being weak means that there is room to grow.

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