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John Marwood Cleese is an English actor, voice actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. He achieved success at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and as a scriptwriter and performer on The Frost Report.

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A wonderful thing about true laughter is that it just destroys any kind of system of dividing people.

- John CleeseLaughing & Smile

He who laughs most, learns best.

- John CleeseLaughing & Smile, Learning

The most creative people have this childlike facility to play.

- John CleeseCreativity

I think you can write very good comedy without a partner, but what I love about it, working with a partner, is that you get to places you'd never get on your own. It's like when God was designing the world and decided we couldn't have children without a partner; it was a way of mixing up the genes so you'd get a more interesting product.

- John Cleese

I'm always meeting new people, and my list of friends seems to change quite a bit.

- John Cleese