Quotes by Jogi Löw

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Quotes by Jogi LöwImage-Source: DFB

We had 15 long years with great moments and, of course, frustrating moments. My heart still beats for Germany.

German Football Team, 2021Jogi Löw, June 2021, about quitting his job as coach of the German team

In that group we will be the favourite team, so it's our aim to win first place.

FIFA World Cup 2022Jogi Löw, December 2020, about the group stage draw for the World Cup 2022

Our goal was to be qualified and we've done that now.

Soccer European Championships 2020Jogi Löw (as Coach of the German football team), November 2019, after winning 4:0 against Belarus

The temperature's gonna be problematic. I thought a world cup would happen in England or Spain where there's lots of football tradition and where football ignites people's emotions. That's why I think it's a bold move.

FIFA World Cup 2022Jogi Löw, January 2011