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F- it, Ja'Marr's down there somewhere, I'm just gonna throw it up to him and he's gonna make a play.

Cincinnati BengalsJoe Burrow, January 2021

I think if you would have told me before the season that we'd be going to the Super Bowl, I probably would have called you crazy. Then, you know, we play the whole season and nothing surprises me now.

Super Bowl, Cincinnati BengalsJoe Burrow (as player at Cincinnati Bengals), January 2022, about Bengals vs. Chiefs

They're definitely real. I make too much money to have fake diamonds, so, these are real.

Joe Burrow, January 2022

I'm tired of the underdog narrative. We're here to make noise. Teams are gonna have to pay attention to us. Like I said, we're a really good team with really good players and coaches and we're coming for it all!

Cincinnati BengalsJoe Burrow (as player at Cincinnati Bengals), January 2022

You want to go No. 1. But you also want to go to a great organization that is committed to winning. Committed to winning Super Bowls.

Super BowlJoe Burrow

I loved my time there. I stay in contact with a lot of people from Ohio State. Like I said, I wouldn't be the same player. I think I am who I am because of the difficult times that I went through in my career. And if you look at all the quarterbacks that were in the playoffs, a lot of them have gone through a lot of adversity throughout their careers, whether it was early on in high school without offers or after college not getting drafted high or, having to go to a junior college or anything like that.

Joe Burrow, September 2021

Coming from southeast Ohio it's a very impoverished area and the poverty rate is almost two times the national average.

OhioJoe Burrow, December 2019

I was scared of everything growing up. I couldn't watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. I was like, strictly a SpongeBob, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon kinda guy.

Joe Burrow, November 2020

Playing in the SEC definitely, definitely helped. Gets way louder in the SEC than in any of these NFL stadiums.

Cincinnati BengalsJoe Burrow, October 2021

We've been lucky as far as injuries and COVID. Fortunately, there's not a ton to do in Cincinnati... so nobody's going out to clubs and bars and getting COVID every weekend.

Cincinnati BengalsJoe Burrow, December 2021