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Jens Spahn is a German politician currently serving as Federal Minister of Health in the fourth Merkel cabinet. He is a member of the lower house of the federal parliament, the Bundestag for Steinfurt I – Borken I and is a member of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union of Germany, which governs in partnership with the centre-left Social Democratic Party of Germany. Spahn was the youngest member of the CDU in the German parliament, having been elected in 2002 at age 22.

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Quotes by Jens SpahnImage-Source: Maximilian König

Most likely, by the end of this winter, everyone in Germany will be either vaccinated, recovered, or dead.

CoronavirusJens Spahn, November 2021

We can't keep up this strict lockdown for all of winter. Our society couldn't stand that.

CoronavirusJens Spahn, February 2021

We knew that the Coronavirus would reach Germany some day. The case in Bavaria shows us that we're well prepared for it.

2020, CoronavirusJens Spahn (als deutscher Gesundheitsminister), January 2020