Quotes by John Dorian -  J.D.

Quotes by John Dorian - J.D.

Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around.
Scrubs - Season 2 Episode 18
Sometimes in life when you get what you want, you end up missing what you left behind.
The truth is, it's all of your memories, the joyful ones and the heartbreaking ones, that make up who you are as a person.
Scrubs - Season 6 Episode 11
Because even if it breaks your heart to be 'just friends'... if you really care about someone, you'll take the hit.
Scrubs - Season 2 Episode 12
You just have to remember, that even if things are changing all around you, deep down you're still the same person.
Scrubs - Season 8 Episode 9
I grew up on the street. No, not the hood. The Sesame Street.
Scrubs - Season 8 Episode 5
I don't believe in fate. I believe we have more control than we think and that every action has a reaction. After all, the most minor event, even a butterfly flapping its wings, can change everything.
Scrubs - Season 3 Episode 16
Sometimes you just have to do what's right for your friend. Even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. When it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you make.
Scrubs - Season 3 Episode 19
Because often when you do it, it makes you happy. Things have a way of working out.
Scrubs - Season 8 Episode 4
In the end, the most important thing to accept is that - no matter how alone you feel, how painful it may be - with the help of those around you, you'll get through this too.
Scrubs - Season 3 Episode 14
J.D.: "When one person dies, another person gets a chance to live. I like to call it the circle of life."
Dr. Cox: "Oh, my God, you must stop
watching The Lion King."
J.D.: "I like that baby lion cub... what's his name?"
Dr. Cox: "Uhm, Simba."
J.D.: "Trick question - you like it too!"
Scrubs - Season 2 EpisodeĀ 13
Sometimes all it takes is a slammin' hottie to make you dig down deep and discover who you really are.
Scrubs - Season 4 Episode 8
It's hard to face a harsh truth about yourself. The only thing you can do, is try to take positive steps.
Scrubs - Season 2 Episode 9
It's about the day I realised, that admitting we're not heroic, is when we're the most heroic of all.
Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 23
Turk: "Well?"
J.D.: "It's beautiful. But my parents are killing me, if I marry a black guy."
Scrubs - Season 2 EpisodeĀ 13
Either way, when you hit that low point, you have a choice. You can either wallow in self-pity, or you can suck it up. It's your call.
Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 23
Maybe it's not about being the best. Maybe it's about finding little things, that get you through the day. Whether it's the support of someone close to you, or letting yourself feel overwhelmed - if only for a moment.
Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 7
There comes a time when every man needs to make a choice, whether it's a professional choice or whether it's a personal choice. In the end, it's about integrity, and it's about chasing after what you really want, even if that means showing you both care a little. And sometimes... well, sometimes you just have to do what's right for your friend, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness. When it comes down to it, you just have to be proud of the decision you make.
Scrubs - Season 3 Episode 19
I've been reading up on this whole Iraq war situation. You know what's so messed up? I just got to the power President Bush gave his 'mission accomplished'-speech on a battleship, and I still got 400 more pages to go.
Scrubs - Season 6 Episode 7
It's funny how our perceptions can be so off. Like when you're searching for a place to fit in, and you don't even realize you've been there the whole time.
Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 8

Quotes about J.D.

J.D.: "What's wrong with me?"
Dr. Cox: "You're an annoying, whining man-child."
J.D.: "That question wasn't directed to you!"
Dr. Cox: "What question?"
Perry Cox in Scrubs - Season 7 EpisodeĀ 1
Elliot: "Are you sexually active?"
J.D.: "It's active."
Elliot: "I'll write 'rare dry spell' in the margin."
Elliot Reid in Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 9