Quotes and Lyrics by Jason Derulo

Jason Joel Desrouleaux, known professionally as Jason Derulo, is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Since the start of his solo recording career in 2009, Derulo has sold over 30 million singles and has achieved eleven Platinum singles, including "Wiggle", "Talk Dirty", "In My Head", and "Whatcha Say". After producing records for several artists and writing songs for Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman, Young Money Entertainment owner Lil Wayne and rapper Diddy, Derulo signed to minor recording label Beluga Heights.

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Savage love, did somebody, did somebody break your heart?
Lookin' like an angel, but your savage love
When you kiss me, I know you don't give two f-cks
But I still want that

TikTokJason Derulo - Savage Love

One touch always makes me
Too hard to escape
Three strikes, I'm still yours
What am I waiting for?

Jason Derulo - Tattoo

If it ain't love, why does it feel so good?

Jason Derulo - If It Ain't Love

I only miss you when I'm breathing
I only need you when my heart is beating
You are the color that I'm bleeding
I only miss you when I'm breathing

Breakup, Missing SomeoneJason Derulo - Breathing