Quotes and Voice-Lines by Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

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Words make a ruler but actions make history.
You like my weapon? Come on over for a closer inspection!
Fetch the rest of your team... I'll wait.
Pyke: "Never killed a prince before... far as I know."
Jarvan IV: "Nor will you."
Irelia: "Join us, Prince Jarvan. Dance by our side!"
Jarvan IV: "I'm afraid I was born with two left feet. It's a Lightshield thing."
Sunder any army, crumble any mountain, leap the great - owww, my toesies!
We shall rest when we are dead!
Sivir: "That lance is going to be a hell of a pay day."
Jarvan IV: "If you mean it'll cost you your life, then yes."
Sivir: "Didn't figure you for a 'Go get them' type, Jarvan."
Jarvan IV: "Clearly, you have much to learn about me."
Azir: "I am Shurimas dawn."
Jarvan IV: "Then I shall be its dusk."
Meet me in battle... and hold nothing back!
Who dares defy my will?
By my will, this shall be finished.
Jarvan IV: "The meek do not deserve to rule."
King Jarvan III: "And the dead can not."
Azir: "Demacia's prince, Shurima's Emperor."
Jarvan IV: "An alliance of steel and sand, Azir."
Demacia: Now and forever.
I will fight for Demacia 'til the day I die.
Your schemes end here, Swain!
Tend to the wounded and pray for the fallen.
Ours is but to do and die.

Quotes about Jarvan IV, the Exemplar of Demacia

Huh. Why's that armored guy smell like dragon?

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Best way to the heart is between the ribs.
Pyke: "They all sink before they float."
Wolf: "Dead should stay dead!"
Lamb: "He will soon wish he had."
Kalista: "We shall pierce their treasonous hearts!"
Lamb: "Betrayers make for worthy prey."
Soothsayer: "Wash away all that troubles you."
Wolf: "We are the troubles!"
Jinx: "You build the VROOM VROOMs and I'll do the kachachaCHOOs."
Heimerdinger: "Ah, I see we're using technical terms."
Garen: "My heart and sword, for Demacia."
Jinx: "My blarg and bloof for bablafia."
Malphite: "The girl always beats me. I must learn her powers."
Taliyah: "Perhaps you should choose Scissors, Malphite."
Hecarim: "The living will fall."
Wolf: "They always do!"
Lamb: "By arrow or by teeth."
Darius: "Remember why you fight, brother."
Draven: "Blah blah Noxus, blah blah strength."
Taric: "Your arrogance is impressive."
Aurelion Sol: "It is the least impressive thing about me."
Miss Fortune: "Cute bird. He bulletproof?"
Quinn: "Cute face. Talon-proof?"
Swain: "Demacia's walls will crumble."
Quinn: "Then I'll have a clean shot at your head."
Sejuani: "We will take Demacia!"
Quinn: "Not the first time I've heard that."
My bird could beat up your boar.
Miss Fortune: "I'd oughta show you the sights of Bilgewater."
Quinn: "The sights are fine. The smells on the other hand..."
Gangplank: "I don't suppose you've ever sailed, have ye?"
Quinn: "I don't suppose you've ever bathed, have ye?"
Well, my mom works for Riot, and she's gonna ban you.
Mom says I'm not supposed to eat you, but I'm too fast for her to stop me.
In a world without love, death means nothing.
Long before blades and sorcery are needed, words... can save a soul.
Rhaast: "A craftsman never blames his tools."
Kayn: "I will make an exception in this case."
The only true death is to never live.
What's in my violin case? Violence.
What's that smell? Oh, it's me.
Hate and love are just two words for passion.
It's a sad truth that those who shine brightest often burn fastest.
I like my weapons how I like my music, heavy and metal.
My profession? You know, now that I think of it... I always wanted to be a baker.
Victors are the sole authors of history. Time to write our chapter.

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