James Bond - The best Quotes

The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short-story collections. Since Fleming's death in 1964, eight other authors have written authorised Bond novels or novelizations: Kingsley Amis, Christopher Wood, John Gardner, Raymond Benson, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver, William Boyd and Anthony Horowitz.

James Bond - The best Quotes

History isn't kind to men who play God.

- James Bond - Keine Zeit zu sterben, by James Bond

The world is arming fast than we can respond.

- James Bond - Keine Zeit zu sterben

Madeleine Swann: 'Why would I betray you?'
James Bond: 'We all have our secrets. We just didn't get to yours yet.'

- James Bond - Keine Zeit zu sterben, by James Bond

'People are islands,' she said. 'They don't really touch. However close they are, they're really quite separate. Even if they've been married for fifty years.'

- Ian Fleming in James Bond - Casino RoyaleHumanity, Relationships

I am a poet in deeds--not often in words.

- Ian Fleming in James Bond - Goldfinger

You only live twice:
Once when you are born
And once when you look death in the face

- Ian Fleming in James Bond - You Only Live TwiceLife, Death

Surround yourself with human beings, my dear James. They are easier to fight for than principles.

- Ian Fleming in James Bond - Casino RoyalePrinciples

Xenia Onatopp: 'Enjoy it while it lasts.'
James Bond: 'The very words I live by.'

- James Bond - GoldenEye, by James Bond

Draco: 'My apologies for the way you were brought here. I wasn’t sure you’d accept a formal invitation.'
James Bond: 'There’s always something formal about the point of a pistol.'

- James Bond - Im Geheimdienst Ihrer Majestät, by James Bond

Kamal Khan: 'You seem to have this nasty habit of surviving.'
James Bond: 'You know what they say about the fittest.'

- James Bond - Octopussy, by James Bond

Fatima Blush: 'Oh, how reckless of me. I made you all wet.'
Bond: 'Yes, but my martini is still dry. My name is James.'

- James Bond - Sag niemals nie, by James Bond

My name is Bond. James Bond.

- James Bond, by James Bond

James Bond: 'I was wrong about you.'
Christmas Jones: 'Yeah, how so?'
James Bond: 'I thought Christmas only comes once a year.'

- James Bond - Die Welt ist nicht genug, by James Bond