Quotes and Lyrics by James Blunt

Quotes and Lyrics by James Blunt

James Blunt (born James Hillier Blount; 22 February 1974) is an English singer, songwriter, and musician.

My life is brilliant, my love is pure
I saw an angel, of that I'm sure
She smiled at me on the subway
She was with another man
But I won't lose no sleep on that
'Cause I've got a plan

You're beautiful, you're beautiful
You're beautiful, it's true
I saw your face, in a crowded place
And I don't know what to do
'Cause I'll never be with you
You're Beautiful, Album: Back to Bedlam
Days like these lead to
Nights like this lead to
Love like ours
You light the spark in my bonfire heart
People like us, we don't
Need that much, just some
One that starts, starts the spark in our bonfire hearts
Bonfire Heart, Album: Moon Landing
I've been putting out fires all my life
Everybody wants a flame, they don't want to get burnt
And today is our turn
Bonfire Heart, Album: Moon Landing
I will be the last one so I'll leave a light on
Let there be no darkness in your heart
Monsters, Album: Once Upon a Mind
No need to forgive, no need to forget
I know your mistakes and you know mine
And while you're sleeping, I'll try to make you proud
So, daddy, won't you just close your eyes?
Don't be afraid, it's my turn
To chase the monsters away
Monsters, Album: Once Upon a Mind
I am a dreamer and when I wake
You can't break my spirit - it's my dreams you take
And as you move on, remember me
Remember us and all we used to be
Goodbye My Lover, Album: Back to Bedlam
Goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend
You have been the one
You have been the one for me
Goodbye My Lover, Album: Back to Bedlam
I would call you up every Saturday night
And we'd both stay out 'til the morning light
And we sang "Here we go again."
And though time goes by
I will always be in a club with you in 1973
Singing "Here we go again."
*1973, Album: All the Lost Souls
I built a little boat
With a sail from the memories I've been collecting
And I'll hold out
For the wind to blow me, take me home the whole way, in your direction
Cold, Album: Once Upon a Mind
Without your arms around me, without you on my skin
Without you on my body, I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I don't mean to be desperate or pretend that I'm not torn
But I don't want to let go of the things that keep me warm
Without you, I'm just cold
Cold, Album: Once Upon a Mind
Really sorry now, they weren't to know
They got caught up in your talent show
With you pernickety little bastards in your fancy dress
Who just judge each other and try to impress
Wisemen, Album: Back to Bedlam
But they couldn't escape from you
Couldn't be free of you
And now they know there's no way out
And they're really sorry now for what they've done
They were three wise men just tryna have some fun
Wisemen, Album: Back to Bedlam
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We don't need to worry
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
'Cause we don't need permission to dance
BTS - Permission to Dance
Don't you think we got another season
That come after spring?
I wanna be your summer
I wanna be your wave
Treat me like a comma
I'll take you to a new phrase
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III
And I know there's no makin' this right, this right
And I know there's no changing your mind, your mind
But we both found each other tonight, tonight
So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time

Waste it on me, waste it on me
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III
She was sayin', "Come get me"
So I got up and followed her to the floor
She said, "Baby, let's go"
When I told her, I said
Yeah, yeah
Usher - Yeah!, Album: Confessions
'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight
Shinin' through the city with a little funk and soul
So I'ma light it up like dynamite
BTS - Dynamite
This is gettin' heavy, can you hear the bass boom? I'm ready
Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this beat cha-ching like money
BTS - Dynamite
Deep down, you know it's best for yourself, but you
Hate the thought of her bein' with someone else
But you know that it's over, we knew it was through
Let it burn, let it burn, gotta let it burn
Usher - Burn, Album: Confessions
It's the thought of being young
When your heart's just like a drum
Beating louder with no way to guard it
When it all seems like it's wrong
Just sing along to Elton John
And to that feeling, we're just getting started
BTS - Permission to Dance
Side step, right, left to my beat
High like the moon, rock with me, baby
Know that I got that heat
Let me show you 'cause talk is cheap
BTS - Butter, Album: Proof
Smooth like butter
Like a criminal undercover
Gon' pop like trouble
Breakin' into your heart like that
BTS - Butter, Album: Proof
You got a fast car
Is it fast enough so we can fly away?
We gotta make a decision
Leave tonight or live and die this way
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
But you can say baby
Baby can I hold you tonight
Maybe if I told you the right words
At the right time
You'd be mine
Tracy Chapman - Baby Can I Hold You

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