Quotes by Ja'Marr Chase

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Quotes by Ja'Marr ChaseImage-Source: All-Pro Reels, Creative Commons

I don't play no sports other than Football. There's too much Football in my head already.

Ja'Marr Chase, January 2023

I don't think I can be stopped.

Cincinnati BengalsJa'Marr Chase (as player at Cincinnati Bengals), January 2022

That's what I'm here for - to work, to get better, make the team better, make the organization better.

Cincinnati BengalsJa'Marr Chase (as player at Cincinnati Bengals), September 2021

Imma break every record they got at the Bengals. That's my goal right now.

Cincinnati BengalsJa'Marr Chase, April 2021

The ball is different because it is bigger. It doesn't have the white stripes on the side so you can't see the ball coming from the tip point so you actually have to look for the strings on the ball at the top, which is hard to see because the whole ball is brown and you have the six strings that are white. But for the most part, just have to get used to it and find out what I am comfortable with catching.

Ja'Marr Chase, September 2021