The best Quotes by Jackson Pollock

The best Quotes by Jackson Pollock

Paul Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 - August 11, 1956) was an American painter. A major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, Pollock was widely noticed for his "drip technique" of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface.

Every good painter paints what he is.
I hardly ever stretch the canvas before painting.
My painting does not come from the easel.
It is only when I lose contact with the painting that the result is a mess. Otherwise there is pure harmony, an easy give and take, and the painting comes out well.
When I'm painting, I'm not aware of what I'm doing. It's only after a get acquainted period that I see what I've been about. I've no fears about making changes for the painting has a life of its own.

Quotes about Jackson Pollock

Next to you, Michelangelo just threw paint at the chapel Jackson Pollock style.
Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 2
Gamora: "And Quill, your ship is filthy."
Peter Quill: "Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."

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Then odds are he'll be near a settlement, probably close to another city out there. Ain't too many of 'em in Wyoming.
Joel Miller in The Last of Us - Season 1 Episode 4
If you didn't want to believe in me, that's okay, because I'll make a believer out of you!
Josh Allen - June 2017
God, what I wouldn't give to live in Wyoming.
In Wyoming, the beauty of our mountains is matched only by the grit of our people.
Wyoming is a special place: Where our farmers and ranchers rise before dawn and work until night to feed our nation. Where our coal miners and oil field workers produce the energy that powers America's homes and businesses, and where our families are guided by faith, know the value of hard work, and deeply love our land.
Wyoming - God bless you in Wyoming - it's very boring, and it's the most isolated place on Earth.
I've lived out West some... I've always liked the High Plains areas - eastern Colorado, eastern Wyoming, western Nebraska.
They say money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a flight to Wyoming - and that's pretty much the same thing.
Rocket Raccoon: "Why would you wanna to save the galaxy?"
Peter Quill: "Cause I'm one of the idiots who lives in it."
You ever feel lost? Just look into the eyes of the people that you love.
Peter Quill in Thor - 4: Love and Thunder
What should we do next? Something good, something bad? Bit of both?
Drax: "We'll kill anyone who gets in our way!"
Quill: "No not kill anyone."
Drax: "Kill a few people."
Quill: "Kill no people."
Drax: "Kill one guy. One stupid guy who no one loves."
Quill: "Now you're just making it sad."
Peter Quill: "I have a plan."
Rocket Raccoon: "You've got a plan? Okay, first of all, you're copying me from when I said I had a plan."
Peter Quill: "I'm not copying you, I have a plan, that's not that unique of a thing to say."
Rocket Raccoon: "And secondly, I don't think you even have a plan."
Peter Quill: "I have part of a plan."
"James Whitehouse, a Home Office minister, and confidant of the prime minister, conducted his affair with his parliamentary researcher in the Palace of Westminster."
Well, that was f*cking stupid. Literally.
Chris Clarke in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
If the future doesn't include you, Sophie Whitehouse, the future is sh-te.
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
As awful as this week has been, and everything I put you through, I am grateful for one thing. The certainty that you are the person I want to die with. Would die for.
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Last time I checked, a man accused is not a man convicted. A man who abandons a long-standing colleague and friend is not only fair-weather but spineless.
Tom Southern in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 2
We'll all fly away together. One last time. Into the forever. And beautiful sky.
I have lived most of my life surrounded by my enemies. I would be grateful to die surrounded by my friends.
Asleep for the danger, awake for the money, as per frickin' usual.
Rocket Raccoon: "That's for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons."
Gamora: "No one's blowing up moons."
Rocket Raccoon: "You just wanna suck the joy out of everything."
The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter?
"I would have had you over tonight, but Felicity decided to stay in town."
Kate: "Oh, how unfelicitous."
Kate Woodcroft in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Brian: "You need a towel, miss."
Kate: "I need a drink, Brian, but I'd settle for a towel."
Kate Woodcroft in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Chris: "What's that Paul Newman quote? 'Why got out for hamburgers when you've got steak at home'."
James: "Listen to me, you little prick. This isn't a f*cking joke, it's my life. I love her. Got it?"
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Sex doesn't have to killl a career these days. You might even gain some fans amongst the older male voter.
Chris Clarke in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Rocket Raccoon: "So we're saving the galaxy again?"
Peter Quill: "Yup."
Rocket Raccoon: "Awesome! We're really gonna be able to jack up our price if we're two-time galaxy savers."
Well he don't know talkin' good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to "I" and "am" and "Groot," exclusively in that order.
Touch me, and the only thing you're gonna feel is a broken jaw.
I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.
When you're ugly and someone loves you, you know they love you for who you are. Beautiful people never know who to trust.
You should fight one another for the honor of leadership.
One candidate is too old and mentally unfit to be president. The other one is me.
Joe Biden - März 2024

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