Irish Sayings and Proverbs

Irish Sayings and Proverbs

Here you can find the best Irish proverbs. On thyQuotes, you can find Quotes about Ireland and St. Patricks Day aswell.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, may the luck of the Irish be there with you.
May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow.
And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.
May the best day of your past be the worst day of your future!

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They say God invented whiskey to stop the Irish from rulin' the world.
Here's to good Irish friends - never above you, never below you, always beside you!
If you're Irish, it doesn't matter where you go - you'll find family.
You're not in America now, you're in Ireland. So have a drink and shut up!
Matthew Goode - Leap Year
On St. Patrick's Day we celebrate our green heritage. The ancestry of Ireland. It is a day to celebrate what it means to be Irish and of Irish descent.
The heart of an Irishman is nothing but his imagination.
Being Irish is very much a part of who I am. I take it everywhere with me.
Ireland is a land of poets and legends, of dreamers and rebels.
Ireland... Europe's Boston.
John Oliver (Last Week Tonight)
My favorite food from my homeland is Guinness. My second choice in Guinness. My third choice - would have to be Guinness.
Geographically, Ireland is a medium-sized rural island that is slowly but steadily being consumed by sheep.
We may have bad weather in Ireland, but the sun shines in the hearts of the people and that keeps us all warm.
Trash talk? Smack talk? This is an American term that makes me laugh. I simply speak the truth. I'm an Irish man.
Put an Englishman into the garden of Eden, and he would find fault with the whole blasted concern;
put a Yankee in, and he would see where he could alter it to advantage;
put an Irishman in, and he would want to boss the thing;
put a Dutchman in, and he would proceed to plant it.
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a flight to Ireland - and that's practically the same thing.
It is St. Patrick's Day and here in Scranton, that is a huge deal. It is the closest that the Irish will ever get to Christmas.
Michael Scott in The Office - Season 6 Episode 19
St. Patrick's Day is a celebration filled with folklore, fantasy, food, and fun. From shamrocks and leprechauns to green food and drink, this is a holiday for all ages.
May the love and protection Saint Patrick can give be yours in abundance as long as you live.
Bless your little Irish heart - and every other Irish part.
Yeah, it's St. Paddy's Day. Everyone's Irish tonight.
Norman Reedus - The Boondock Saints
Wishing you a pot o' gold
and all the joy your heart can hold.
May you have all the happiness and luck that life can hold - and at the end of your rainbows ay you find a pot of gold.
Never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck.
Never forget what someone says to you when they're angry because that's when the truth comes out.

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