Quotes by Influencers, Streamers & YouTubers (Update 2024)

Quotes by Influencers, Streamers & YouTubers (Update 2024)

Here you can find the best Quotes by Influencers, Streamers and YouTubers, aswell as other personalities that are well-known for using Twitch, TikTok, Instagram or other Social Media.


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I don't think anyone thought it was possible to get this big through livestreaming.


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Chandler: "How are we allowed to do this?"
Jimmy: "We live in a country called America."
MrBeast - Lamborghini Vs Shredder

Ozzy Man Reviews

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The fellas point to someone in the man-cave... oi! It's 50 Cent, or as we say down-under... half a buck. Why is he upside down? That looks uncomfortable as f*ck! He's a dedicated bloke, I don't think I could comment videos upside down.
Ozzy Man Reviews - NFL Half Time Show

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"So, what's your job?"
"I'm a blogger and model on Instagram. How about you?"
"I'm a soldier in Call of Duty."
"That's not a job?!"
"Well, who started it?"
Why would people rather be famous for being sh-t than not famous at all? When did that start?
Influence is a very tenuous matter. I try to avoid it in every respect. I don't want to be influenced by anybody.
Power is a tool, influence is a skill; one is a fist, the other a fingertip.
I wouldn't have a career if it wasn't for the Fortnite-Community.
I'm confident that no matter what game comes out, I'll be able to play at a top competitive level.
Obviously I love Sony; I love PlayStation. I've been playing them my entire life.
Fortnite really is just the perfect storm of a game. You have the fact that it's free to play on almost every platform, and everything about the game is enjoyable.
Legends speak of a deity that watches over the countless battles that take place on the island. Some say the Llama takes pleasure from the sight of the struggle to survive. These idols that are in the likeness of the Llama are gifts sent down to some that it deems worthy. Perhaps one day we will be blessed by the presence of our Llama king.
Recreating Squid Games is costing more then I thought it would but i'm in to deep to stop now.
MrBeast - November 2021
I'm gonna go all out on this irl Squid Game video, give me a month to gather 456 random people and recreate all the sets.
MrBeast - October 2021
I put 100 people in a circle and told them whoever left last won $500,000. Go watch!
MrBeast - August 2021
Jimmy: "Let's have a heart-to-heart. Other YouTubers would probably fake this. Other YouTubers would quit. But what are we?"
Chris: "Unfortunately, not other YouTubers!"
Jimmy: "That's right! Now, let's go through this drive-thru 997 more times!"
MrBeast - October 2019
I want to make YouTube videos until the day I die, I love this so much.
Don't tell my other followers but you're my favorite!
I do hope his pleasure pump is not like his stinger. If it falls off and he dies after this, that would be tragic.
Ozzy Man Reviews - Bees Humping
It's important to remember, you only live once. I don't say this to encourage risky fun behavior. I say this to discourage risky fun behavior.
Ozzy Man Reviews - Destination F Compilation (Volume 9)
The first time I tried that when I was a teenager, I broke me wrist. Yeah, nah, having a broken wrist when you're a horny teenager is f*cking devastating.
Ozzy Man Reviews - WTF Happened in February 2019
If not today, then when? If not tomorrow, then when? Just quit your job if you want to and fly away! This motivational video is not guaranteed to work, results vary from individual to individual.
Ozzy Man Reviews - Inspiring Bugs
Every creature on earth is built like a supercar, we just don't know it, until we find the keys. Have you found your keys?
Ozzy Man Reviews - Inspiring Bugs
In order to get cheap accommodation in Australia, we like foreign people to do manual labour for us. Helping feed the cows is very important, they are the future of McDonald's.
Ozzy Man Reviews - Royal Tour [FEAT. Prince Harry and Meghan]