Quotes and Lyrics by Iggy Pop

James Newell Osterberg Jr., known professionally by his stage name Iggy Pop and designated the "Godfather of Punk", is an American singer, songwriter, musician, producer and actor. He was the vocalist of influential proto-punk band the Stooges, who reunited in 2003, and is well known for his outrageous and unpredictable stage antics. Iggy Pop's music has encompassed a number of styles over the course of his career, including garage rock, punk rock, hard rock, art rock, new wave, jazz, blues, and electronic.

The best Song Quotes

I am a passenger
And I ride and I ride
I ride through the city's backsides
I see the stars come out of the sky
Yeah, they're bright in a hollow sky
You know it looks so good tonight

Iggy Pop - The Passenger, Album: Lust for Life

Well, I'm just a modern guy
Of course, I've had it in the ear before
'Cause of a lust for life

Iggy Pop - Lust for Life, Album: Lust for Life

Miami is nothing like me, and that's why I need to be here.

MiamiIggy Pop

The key to everything, I crawl for Sunday
When I don’t have to move
Caught up in dreams untangled one day
Where I don’t have to prove

Iggy Pop - Sunday, Album: Post Pop Depression