Quote by Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy in Season 3

"Meredith: 'If you want to break up with me, so that you can see other women, just do it. Don't tell me you met another woman. Just end it, if that's what you want.'

Derek: 'I can't.'

Meredith: 'Sure you can, here's how it goes. Meredith, I don't want to see you
anymore. Meredith, I don't love you anymore.'

Derek: 'Meredith, I do love you. Don't you see? Don't you understand? You're the love of my life. I can't leave you. But you're constantly leaving me. You walk away when you want, you come back when you want. Noteveryone, not your friends, but you
leave me. So, I'm asking you, if you don't see a future with us. Please... please just end it because I'm in it. Put me out of my misery.'"

Quote by Derek Shepherd