Movie Quote from Deadpool, by Wade Wilson

"Wade: 'Rough childhood?'
Vanessa: 'Rougher than yours. Daddy left before I was born.'
Wade: 'Daddy left before I was conceived.'
Vanessa: 'Ever had a cigarette put out on your skin?'
Wade: 'Where else do you put one out?'
Vanessa: 'I was molested.'
Wade: 'Me too. Uncle.'
Vanessa: 'Uncles. They took turns.'
Wade: 'I watched my own birthday party through the keyhole of a locked closet, which also happens to be my...'
Vanessa: '...your bedroom. Lucky. I slept in a dishwasher box.'
Wade: 'You had a dishwasher. I didn't even know sleep. It was pretty much 24/7 ball gags, brownie mix and clown porn.'"

Movie Quote from Deadpool