Quotes and Sayings about Hats

Quotes and Sayings about Hats

Entdecke die schönsten Zitate und Sprüche über Hüte - lass dich von der Welt der Kopfbedeckungen inspirieren!

The British electors will not vote for a man who does not wear a hat.
I think the sexiest thing is a hat. It's very sexy!
Henry: "People just don't wear hats anymore. What are you going to do about it?"
Halston: "Well I'm hard at work making the sun brighter, but until I get my rainmaking machine working, I don't know what I'll do. Except maybe drink after this meeting."
Roy Halston Frowick in Halston - Season 1 Episode 1
Restaurant bathroom doors should be identified with the words, "men" and "women". Silhouettes and cartoon drawings of sombreros, bowler hats, puffy skirts and pretty mouths do not provide enough information for drunks.
Oh you may not think I'm pretty,
But don't judge on what you see,
I'll eat myself if you can find
A smarter hat than me.

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Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear: So I wear jeans.
Supermodels... heh! Nothing super about them. Spoiled, stupid little stick figures with poofy lips who think only about themselves.
Edna Mode in The Incredibles
Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress.
Nobody can reinvent fashion. The only thing you can do is interpret the styles of the past in your own unique way.
Some victories are merely defeat wearing the wrong clothing.
Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today!
The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.
Good clothing is a passport for happiness.
Fashion is not about a concept. It's about looking beautiful.
Pierre Cadault in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 9
I don't design clothes, I design dreams.
Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.
Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you.
Fashion starts with fashionable people.
The heart can be tough to change, but the mind can be tough to persuade.
Grand Pabbie in Frozen -
I don't pay you to put evil notions in my head. The ones already there don't need company.
Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones - Season 3 Episode 7
Never start with the head, the victim gets all fuzzy. He can't feel the next.
Joker in Batman - The Dark Knight
The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.
You have to lift your head up out of the mud and just do it!
Genius is the ability to put into effect what is on your mind.
President George Bush is a serious fitness buff. Apparently, he likes working out because it "clears his mind". Sometimes it works a little too well.
My mind is always racing, and always going and always working, and it's a gift and a curse.
He’s the one who taught me how to use my head, turn it into a strength. He gave me a place in this crappy world, until I screwed up.
Lionel Essrog in Motherless Brooklyn
Everyone's different inside their head.
Alice Oseman - Radio Silence
You are only as good as the people you dress.
There are no problems, only opportunities.
The right to work is a slogan which should be accepted by every democracy.
Violet: "I'm so looking forward to seeing your mother again. When I'm with her, I'm reminded of the virtues of the English."
Matthew: "But isn't she American?"
Violet: "Exactly."
I have a new movie coming out, it's called Madame Web. It is in the Marvel Universe and it also stars Sydney Sweeney. So it's kind of like if AI generated your boyfriend's perfect movie.
Dakota Johnson - January 2024
I think once you call yourself a genius, you stop growing.
Halston - Season 1 Episode 2
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.
In Italy, you know you've found a truly authentic restaurant when they don't have an English menu. In India, it's when there are no utensils and you must eat with your hands.
Said Slytherin, "We'll teach just those whose ancestry is purest."
Said Ravenclaw, "We'll teach those whose intelligence is surest."
Said Gryffindor, "We'll teach all those with brave deeds to their name,"
Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."
It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.
Joe: "That collection you did for Bergdorf's? Looked like cement. Nobody wanted 'em."
Halston: "Nobody understood them."
Joe: "You don't want to understand a dress. You want to love it."
Joe Eula in Halston - Season 1 Episode 1
The regrets of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow can kill you.

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