The most beautiful Harry Potter Quotes

Harry Potter is a book-series by the author Joanne K. Rowling. Here you can find the best and funniest Quotes from the books, movies and games of the Harry Potter Universe.

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Hogwarts Legacy„Magic, both beautiful and powerful, binds together our long history. That common bond we share is the legacy of Hogwarts.”22 Quotes from Hogwarts LegacyQuotes from Hogwarts LegacyAlbus Dumbledore„It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.”127 Quotes by Albus DumbledoreQuotes by Albus Dumbledore
Severus Snape„Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. "After all this time?"
"Always", said Snape.”37 Quotes by Severus Snape
Quotes by Severus Snape
Hermione GrangerRon: "One person couldn't feel all that. They'd explode."
Hermione: "Just because you've got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn't mean we all have!"36 Quotes by Hermione Granger
Quotes by Hermione Granger
Harry James Potter„You're the weak one. And you'll never know love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”54 Quotes by Harry James PotterQuotes by Harry James PotterRon Weasley"Follow the spiders"... Why spiders? Why couldn't it be "follow the butterflies"?67 Quotes by Ron WeasleyQuotes by Ron WeasleyFred and George Weasley"E" for "Exceeds Expectations". And I've always thought Fred and I should've got "E" in everything, because we exceeded expectations just by turning up for the exams.54 Quotes by Fred and George WeasleyQuotes by Fred and George WeasleySirius Black„We've all got both light and dark inside of us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.”22 Quotes by Sirius BlackQuotes by Sirius BlackRemus Lupin„It is the quality of one's convictions that determines success, not the number of followers.”21 Quotes by Remus LupinQuotes by Remus Lupin
Draco Malfoy„Longbottom, if brains were gold, you'd be poorer than Weasley, and that's saying something.”25 Quotes by Draco MalfoyQuotes by Draco MalfoyLuna Lovegood„Being different isn't a bad thing. It means you're brave enough to be yourself.”24 Quotes by Luna LovegoodQuotes by Luna LovegoodHarry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone„It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.”98 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneQuotes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's StoneHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets„It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”95 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsQuotes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban„Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”97 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanQuotes from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire„If you want to see the true measure of a man, watch how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”122 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireQuotes from Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix„You're the weak one. And you'll never know love, or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”185 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixQuotes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince„...yet, sadly, accidental rudeness occurs alarmingly often. Best to say nothing at all, my dear man.”162 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceQuotes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows„But he was home. Hogwarts was the first and best home he had known. He and Voldemort and Snape, the abandoned boys, had all found home here.”192 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsQuotes from Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsDobbyBellatrix: "How dare you defy your masters?"
Dobby: "Dobby has no master! Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!"13 Quotes by Dobby
Quotes by Dobby
Rubeus Hagrid„Gotta bone ter pick with yeh. I've heard you've bin givin' out signed photos. How come I haven't got one?”24 Quotes by Rubeus HagridQuotes by Rubeus HagridMinerva McGonagall"Our Headmaster is taking a short break," said Professor McGonagall, pointing at the Snape-shaped hole in the window.31 Quotes by Minerva McGonagallQuotes by Minerva McGonagallVoldemort / Tom Riddle„There is no good and evil, there is only power and those too weak to seek it.”23 Quotes by Voldemort / Tom RiddleQuotes by Voldemort / Tom RiddleNeville Longbottom"I'll join you when Hell freezes over," said Neville. "Dumbledore's Army!" he shouted, and there was an answering cheer from the crowd, whom Voldemort's Silencing Charms seemed unable to hold.14 Quotes by Neville LongbottomQuotes by Neville Longbottom
Dolores UmbridgeHagrid: "Bit o' fresh air, yeh know?"
Umbridge: "Yes, as gamekeeper fresh air must be so difficult to come by."14 Quotes by Dolores Umbridge
Quotes by Dolores Umbridge
Fantastic Beasts„My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”81 Quotes from Fantastic BeastsQuotes from Fantastic BeastsGinny Weasley„Anything is possible if you got enough nerve.”17 Quotes by Ginny WeasleyQuotes by Ginny WeasleyMolly Weasley"You - will - never - touch - our - children - again!" screamed Mrs. Weasley. Bellatrix laughed, the same exhilarated laugh her cousin Sirius had given as he toppled backwards through the veil, and suddenly Harry knew what was going to happen before it did. Molly's curse soared beneath Bellatrix's outstretched arm and hit her squarely in the chest, directly over her heart.10 Quotes by Molly WeasleyQuotes by Molly WeasleyArthur Weasley„One of his jinxes backfired, the toilet exploded and they found him lying unconscious in the wreckage covered from head to foot in -”18 Quotes by Arthur WeasleyQuotes by Arthur WeasleyJames PotterLily: "You've been so brave."
James: "You are nearly there. Very close. We are... so proud of you."4 Quotes by James Potter
Quotes by James Potter
Lily Potter„You call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?”13 Quotes by Lily PotterQuotes by Lily Potter
Sorting Hat„Only the bravest and boldest dare to choose Gryffindor. Is that you? Best be sure.”18 Quotes by Sorting HatQuotes by Sorting HatHogwarts„But he was home. Hogwarts was the first and best home he had known. He and Voldemort and Snape, the abandoned boys, had all found home here.”41 Quotes about HogwartsQuotes about HogwartsGryffindorProfessor Weasley: "I remember the first time I entered the Gryffindor common room after being sorted."
Player: "You were a Gryffindor?"
Professor Weasley: "I am a Gryffindor."- Hogwarts Legacy22 Quotes about Gryffindor
Quotes about Gryffindor
Slytherin„Albus Severus, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.”- Harry James Potter19 Quotes about SlytherinQuotes about SlytherinRavenclaw„Our emblem is the eagle, which soars where others cannot climb; our house colours are blue and bronze, and our common room is found at the top of Ravenclaw Tower, behind a door with an enchanted knocker. The arched windows set into the walls of our circular common room look down at the school grounds: the lake, the Forbidden Forest, the Quidditch pitch and the Herbology gardens. No other house in the school has such stunning views.”- Joanne K. Rowling6 Quotes about RavenclawQuotes about RavenclawHufflepuff„Imagine being in Hufflepuff, I think I'd leave, wouldn't you?”- Draco Malfoy11 Quotes about HufflepuffQuotes about HufflepuffPeevesMyrtle: "D'you think I don't know what people call me behind my back? Fat Myrtle! Ugly Myrtle! Miserable, moaning, moping Myrtle!"
Peeves: "You've forgotten pimply!"14 Quotes by Peeves
Quotes by Peeves
Moaning Myrtle„Myrtle Elizabeth Warren - a pretty name - my name - no need for the "moaning".”5 Quotes by Moaning MyrtleQuotes by Moaning MyrtleCedric Diggory„You take it. You should win. That's twice you've saved my neck in here.”6 Quotes by Cedric DiggoryQuotes by Cedric DiggoryGellert Grindelwald„Magic blooms only in rare souls.”18 Quotes by Gellert GrindelwaldQuotes by Gellert GrindelwaldBellatrix Lestrange„Shut your mouth! You dare speak his name with your unworthy lips, you dare besmirch it with your half-blood's tongue.”8 Quotes by Bellatrix LestrangeQuotes by Bellatrix LestrangeLucius Malfoy„Dear me, what's the use of being a disgrace to the name of wizard if they don't even pay you well for it?”17 Quotes by Lucius MalfoyQuotes by Lucius MalfoyNarcissa Malfoy„If you attack my son again, I shall ensure that it is the last thing you ever do.”11 Quotes by Narcissa MalfoyQuotes by Narcissa MalfoyNymphadora Tonks„My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities... like the ability to behave myself.”7 Quotes by Nymphadora TonksQuotes by Nymphadora Tonks
QuidditchDean: "SEND HIM OFF REF, RED CARD!!!"
Ron: "What are you talking about, Dean?"
Dean: "In football, you get shown the red card and you're out of the game!"- Dean Thomas13 Quotes about Quidditch
Quotes about Quidditch
Viktor Krum„My aim is to win the World Cup before I die.”6 Quotes by Viktor KrumQuotes by Viktor KrumSybill Trelawney„The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives.”6 Quotes by Sybill TrelawneyQuotes by Sybill TrelawneyNewt Scamander„My philosophy is that worrying means you suffer twice.”19 Quotes by Newt ScamanderQuotes by Newt ScamanderThe Tales of Beedle the Bard„No man or woman alive, magical or not, has ever escaped some form of injury, whether physical, mental, or emotional. To hurt is as human as to breathe.”12 Quotes from The Tales of Beedle the BardQuotes from The Tales of Beedle the BardPetunia Dursley„Apparently wizards poke their noses in everywhere!”12 Quotes by Petunia DursleyQuotes by Petunia DursleyVernon Dursley„Funny way to get to a wizards' school, the train. Magic carpets all got punctures, have they?”14 Quotes by Vernon DursleyQuotes by Vernon Dursley
Dudley Dursley"They think I'm a waste of space, actually, but I'm used to -"
"I don't think you're a waste of space."
If Harry had not seen Dudley's lips move, he might not have believed it.3 Quotes by Dudley Dursley
Quotes by Dudley Dursley
Horace Slughorn„When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love.”24 Quotes by Horace SlughornQuotes by Horace SlughornAlastor "Mad-Eye" Moody„Don't put your wand there, boy! What if it ignited? Better wizards than you have lost buttocks, you know!”6 Quotes by Alastor "Mad-Eye" MoodyQuotes by Alastor Harry Potter and the Cursed Child„Those that we love never truly leave us, Harry. There are things that death cannot touch.”43 Quotes from Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildQuotes from Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildHarry Potter: Magic Awakened„Only the bravest and boldest dare to choose Gryffindor. Is that you? Best be sure.”7 Quotes from Harry Potter: Magic AwakenedQuotes from Harry Potter: Magic AwakenedJoanne K. Rowling„Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”50 Quotes by Joanne K. RowlingQuotes by Joanne K. Rowling