Quotes and Sayings about Haribo

Quotes and Sayings about Haribo

Kids and grown-ups love it so - the happy world of Haribo.
Whenever you're sad, imagine sitting in a glass of candy with a gummy bear holding your hand.
Haribo, sweet temptation, you accompany us through life. From childhood, you bring a smile to our faces. Your colorful gummy candies sweeten our everyday life and evoke memories of carefree moments. Each bag holds pure joy that we love to share. Thank you, Haribo, for your sweet magic!
Haribo, oh so fine!
With gummy bears, we can dine.
They're colorful and fruity, simply tasty,
A perfect snack for every sweet tooth, crazy.
Once you have one, you crave for more,
Haribo, you make us all adore!
In the halls of delights and sugary confections, born from the hands of gods, rests a creation named Haribo. Its small, colorful gummy pieces delight the senses and transport the soul to a state of pure joy. But beware, for like the nectar of gods, this delicacy can become a sweet addiction.
Haribo, oh so sweet,
Colorful gummies, a joyful treat.
Whether strawberry, raspberry or lemon,
Always a delight, for kids and grown men.

Haribo, a sugary delight,
With every bite, conquer the fight.
No matter young or old,
Haribo always brings us hold.

Haribo, full of joy and glee,
For every sweet tooth, a great spree.
Whether Goldbears, Sour Fries or Licorice,
The taste is always a sweet bliss.

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