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Quotes by Hansi FlickImage-Source: Steindy, Creative Commons

The question whether to carry out the Championships in Qatar should have been answered way earlier - with "no"!

FIFA World Cup 2022Hansi Flick, September 2022

It's sad that this tournament is not a World Cup for the fans. I know many people who would like to go to Qatar but don't out of several reasons.

FIFA World Cup 2022, QatarHansi Flick (as Coach of the German football team), August 2022

There's no easy groups in the World Cup. They've all got their strengths. We'll take it as it is.

FIFA World Cup 2022Hansi Flick, April 2022, about the World Cup 2022 draw

I am very excited, we got very good and young players in Germany. We can be very optimistic about the coming tournaments, like the EURO 2024.

German Football Team, Soccer European Championships 2024Hansi Flick, Mai 2021, about becoming Coach of the German team

This year we only won the championship.

Bayern MunichHansi Flick (as coach at Bayern Munich), May 2021, one year after winning the triple with FCB