The best Quotes by Hannah Baker

The best Quotes by Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker is a fictional character created by American author Jay Asher. She is the subject of his 2007 young adult fiction mystery novel Thirteen Reasons Why.

The truth can free you, if you let it.
13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 2
I guess we all have things we try to hide. But they can't stay hidden forever.
13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 2
I like her. She makes you try new things, it's good for you. I'm serious - you seem less afraid when you're with her. I like it and it also makes me kind of sad.
13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 2
We all have things we keep hidden. Sometimes, keeping secrets is how you survive. Because in High School, one rumor, one picture, one incident, can define you forever.
13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 2
Pictures can be twisted and used against you and haunt you forever.
13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 1
Clay: "I love you."
Hannah: "Why didn't you say this to me when I was alive?"
The truth isn't always to most exciting version of things, or the best, or the worst. It's somewhere inbetween. But it deserves to be heard and remembered. 'The truth will out', like someone said once. It remains.
13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Episode 1
I've heard so many stories about me now that I don't know which one is the most popular. But I do know which is the least popular: the truth.
13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Episode 1
Some of you cared. None of you cared enough.
Pardon me, but you really hurt my feelings.
13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Episode 1
I am scared, 'cause I don't know how to fly. But you're there at the bottom of the slide to catch me when I fall.
13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Episode 1

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I think sometimes we aren't keeping secrets to hide from other people. I think sometimes we're keeping them to protect those people.
Tony Padilla in 13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 2
They get in your head. People tell lies about you, and other people believe them. And it gets to the point where the lies might as well be the truth.
Tyler Down in 13 Reasons Why - Season 2 Episode 1
Clay: "I cost a girl her life because I was afraid to love her."
Mr. Porter: "You can't love someone back to life."
Clay: "You can try."
Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why - Season 1 Episode 13
Soul Alone

I meet your eyes
you don't even see me
You hardly respond
when I whisper
Could be my soul mate
two kindred spirits
Maybe we're not
I guess we'll never

My own mother
you carried me in you
Now you see nothing
but what I wear
People ask you
how I'm doing
You smile and nod
don't let it end

Put me
underneath God's sky and
know me
don't just see me with your eyes
Take away
this mask of flesh and bone and
See me
for my soul
If my love were an ocean,
there would be no more land.
If my love were a desert,
you would see only sand.
If my love were a star-
late at night, only light.
And if my love could grow wings,
I'd be soaring in flight.
Lies are comforting. Truth is painful.
Truth never wins, but its enemies cease to exist.
We all have a secret buried under lock and key in the attic of our soul.
Secrets are sharper than blades.
Penny: "Four years I lived with him! Four years, I mean that's like as long as high school!"
Sheldon: "It took you four years to get through high school?!"
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 1 Episode 1
A photo says, you were happy, and I wanted to catch that. A photo says, you were so important to me that I put down everything else to come watch.
Bullying happens because weak people need to prop up their ego by beating up or humiliating others.
Bruce Dickinson (What Does This Button Do?: An Autobiography)
Who are you to judge the life I live? I know I'm not perfect -and I don't live to be- but before you start pointing fingers... make sure your hands are clean!

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