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Found you when your heart was broke
I filled your cup until it overflowed
Took it so far to keep you close
I was afraid to leave you on your own

Halsey - Without Me, Album: Manic

Everything is gray
His hair, his smoke, his dreams
And now he's so devoid of color
He don't know what it means

Halsey - Colors, Album: BADLANDS

There's a guy that lives in the garden state
And he told me that we'd make it 'til we graduate
So I told him that the music would be worth the wait
But he wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate

Halsey - Bad at Love, Album: hopeless fountain kingdom

Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles
Just what you’d expect inside her new Balenciaga
Viral mess, turned dreams into an empire
Self-made success, now she rolls with Rockefellers

TikTokHalsey - New Americana, Album: BADLANDS

Thank God I finally found you
You put the light in my eyes when I'm around you

Halsey - Life's a Mess, Album: Legends Never Die (von Juice WRLD)

I know you're dying to meet me
But I can just tell you this
Baby, as soon as you meet me
You'll wish that you never did

Halsey - Alone

We are the new Americana
High on legal marijuana
Raised on Biggie and Nirvana
We are the new Americana

Halsey - New Americana, Album: BADLANDS

I wanna start this out and say
I gotta get it off my chest
Got no anger, got no malice
Just a little bit of regret

Halsey - You should be sad

But you're not half the man you think that you are
And you can't fill the hole inside of you with money, girls, and cars
I'm so glad I never ever had a baby with you
'Cause you can't love nothing unless there's something in it for you

Halsey - You should be sad