Game Quotes from Halo

Here you can find the best Quotes from Halo, a series of video games that go its latest installment with Halo Infinite in December 2021. In March 2022, the series Halo will be released on Paramount+.

The best Game Quotes

What's the point in saving humanity if we're gonna give up our own?

Miranda Keyes in Halo, Season 1

There is something within us. Something sacred. Something worth protecting.

Jacob Keyes in Halo, Season 1

The Master Chief was enhanced and trained for one purpose. To win this war.

Doctor Catherine Halsey in Halo, Season 1

"You have one bullet against an entire army!"
Master Chief: "It's enough."

Halo - Infinite, by Master Chief John-117

"This wasn't the mission."
Master Chief: "The missions change. They always do."

Halo - Infinite, by Master Chief John-117

Leonard Church: "Hey! Open up!"
Michael Caboose: "What's the password?"
Leonard Church: "Password? Oh man, I forgot."
Michael Caboose: "'Forgot' what?"
Leonard Church: "I forgot the password."
Michael Caboose: "That was almost right. Uh, see, the password *begins* with, 'I forgot,' but ends differently. Um, try again."
Leonard Church: "No. I mean, I forgot the password."
Michael Caboose: "No, OK, see, you- you got it wrong again. See, you said the same thing as last time."
Leonard Church: "I'm bein' serious! I don't know the password!"
Michael Caboose: "No no no. See, you changed the first part. See, that- that was the right part. See now you've got the whole thing wrong!"
Leonard Church: "No! I forgot what the password is, and I just need you to open the door!"
Michael Caboose: "All right, come on man, now you're just guessing!"

Halo - 2, by Pvt. Michael J. Caboose

Now listen up! Back in my day, we didn't have fancy tanks, we had sticks. Two sticks and a rock for the entire platoon. And we had to share the rock. You should consider yourself very lucky marines!

Halo - 2, by Sgt. Johnson