The best Quotes about the Green Bay Packers

The best Quotes about the Green Bay Packers

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For a football fan, there might be nothing better than watching a playoff game at Lambeau Field - and seeing it decided, dramatically, in overtime.
As a leader of this team, I know this one's gonna hurt him. I'm sure he'll be really hard on himself. And he's just got to use it as fuel to continue to get better. I think that's very important to be the franchise quarterback that I expect him to be for a long time around here.
Matt LaFleur - January 2024
I mean, they got a good defense, but we got a really good offense.
Jordan Love (as player at Green Bay Packers) - January 2024, on W against the Cowboys
It's my turn to lead this team to exactly one Super Bowl and then about fifteen years of tremendous pain. It's the Packer way.
Jordan Love - January 2022
There's a few quarterbacks who have thrown me multiple picks in my career, and Dak is now one of them. So he's among my top QBs.
Jaire Alexander (as player at Green Bay Packers) - January 2024, on W against Dolphins
I'm just here to tell you: Pack is back!
Jaire Alexander - January 2024
Even getting the Lambeau Leap right was a learning experience. The wall is a lot higher than people think. You have to jump as high as you can. No one wants to see a failed Lambeau Leap.
The Packers have all kinds of traditions and rules that you only learn about when you get here. One of the rules is that receivers can't wear sleeves.
I tell people this all the time. I say, "We got 10 games left and we're gonna win out." So that's how I feel. I know a few other people might feel the same way, but I'm gonna be the first to say it. We're gonna win out.
Jaire Alexander (as player at Green Bay Packers) - November 2023
Lily: "We don't wanna burden our little angel with all kinds of gender-specific expectations. Boys can do ballet, girls can play football."
Marshall: "Hell, the Green Bay Packers have been proving that for years."
Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother - Season 7 Episode 6
Green Bay has a lot of decisions, a lot of guys with opportunities. So it will be interesting to see what things look like moving forward. But I am thankful for this time, for this team. Super disappointed. Bummed out. Frustrated with how I played tonight. Frustrated with how it ended. But can still be grateful for this season and these guys.
Aaron Rodgers (as player at Green Bay Packers) - January 2022
We've got to get one of these at home. It's a different ballgame. It's different playing in 20-degree weather and snow. Cold and wind is a different type of game than playing here in San Francisco.
Aaron Rodgers - January 2020
I think we can all understand, you know, Green Bay isn't a huge vacation destination. People are coming here to play with me, play with our team, knowing that they can win a championship here.
Aaron Rodgers - July 2021
The opportunity to play on Lambeau Field has been a dream come true and to be in my 17th season is really special.
Aaron Rodgers - July 2021
As a kid, I always wanted to obviously win a Super Bowl. Now that I've got one, it's like, "Now what? Let's go get another one!"
Aaron Rodgers (as player at Green Bay Packers) - February 2011
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here to yell for you,
And keep you going in your winning ways.
Hail, Hail, the gang's all here to yell with you, too,
That win or lose, we'll always sing your praises.
Go, You Packers, Go and get 'em.
Go, You fighting fools upset 'em.
Smash their line with all your might.
A touchdown, Packers, Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on, you Green and Gold to glory,
Win the game, the same old story,
Fight, you Packers, Fight
And bring the trophy home
To old Green Bay.
I've always been a Packer, always will be a Packer.
I was always a Favre fan. I was born in Wisconsin, and my whole family was Packers fans, so I grew up watching him.
"How many Packers fans does it take to change a light bulb?"
"None. They are happy living in Chicago's shadow!"
I was born a Packers fan and I will die a Packers fan.
You have to give it to the Packers. They are a good team. They have a great offense and a great defense.
In this house we say "please", "thank you", and "Go Packers!"
Don't ask me why I'm a Packers fan. Ask yourself why you're not!
"What's the difference between the Green Bay Packers and a dollar bill?"
"You can still get four quarters out of a dollar bill."

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Jordan Love is going to be a great player. He's a f*cking great kid.
Aaron Rodgers - März 2023
I'm an old guy, so I want to be part of a team that can win it all, and I believe that this is a place where we get that done.
Aaron Rodgers - April 2023
I'm excited about the new adventure here in New York. The Jets smoked us last year, so I knew they had a good team.
Aaron Rodgers - April 2023
I don't want my views bolstering the anti-vaxxers and triggering the vaxxed people. I want to be somebody who has an opinion, who shares it, who does research, but who is also open to hearing both sides.
Aaron Rodgers - January 2022
At this point I think I'm definitely ready for Week 1 and carrying on throughout the season.
Jordan Love (as player at Green Bay Packers) - August 2023
When in doubt, you can throw it out there and you know he's going to make a play. It builds my confidence in him.
Jordan Love - June 2023
I've been preparing myself for that moment and now's the time.
Jordan Love (as player at Green Bay Packers) - November 2021
Roses are red, violets are blue, don't throw it my way, it's gon' be a bad day for you!
Jaire Alexander - März 2023
Oh man, that's easy! So I'm just lining up. I see No. 10 [Tyreek Hill] motion over. I see No. 10 coming across the field and I say, "Oh snap, he's fast." So I backed off, and when I backed off, I seen him coming, he ran right in front of me and I was like, "Wow, is he really overthrowing it?" Took it down the sideline, turned up with my guys and gave the football to a little kid wearing 23.
Jaire Alexander - December 2022, on incepting Hill's pass
I think at this point it's pretty obvious the defense has to not give up any touchdowns. That's part of being self-critical. The offense is pretty young, and they're still figuring out their mojo.
Jaire Alexander - Oktober 2023
Hey, you got any left-handed footballs?
Either my head is getting bigger or these hats are getting smaller... shut up!
You think God never farted?
Jordan Love, wow. That's about all I can say is "wow". What he did and the poise he shows, the command he shows... It just shows the growth that he's had from his first start vs. K.C. to now.
Matt LaFleur (as Coach of the Green Bay Packers) - January 2024
I think we're fooling ourselves if we think Jordan Love's going to go out there and perform at a level to the likes of an Aaron Rodgers.
Matt LaFleur - März 2023
Winners never quit and quitters never win.
Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
Guys, the sky is not falling. We handed them 20 points. They didn't hurt us in the first half - we hurt ourselves.
Doug Pederson - January 2023, during Jaguars vs. Chargers
They just want to win. That's kind of been the general theme with all the guys and it's a good locker room. It's a young locker room. We just got to get them to come together and find the leaders of the group and get them going.
Doug Pederson - March 2022
Jordan's made a huge jump, especially this past year. You can see it in the practice... he can do this at a high level.
Aaron Jones - März 2023
Aaron was a really great quarterback, but I believe Jordan can do the exact same thing. So I don't really see what's the big difference.
Romeo Doubs - June 2023
I didn't create that monster, but he turned into one, so it's always good to see a player, especially a highly touted player like that, get drafted in the first round and then realize his potential and live up to it, so it's fun to see, and it's definitely gonna be fun to play against him.
Davante Adams - Oktober 2023
I'm excited to be here and never leave. This is my home. I'm a Cowboy. This is only the beginning.
Dak Prescott - March 2021
Get your calculators out, this will be fun!

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