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The fun is over! Italy will start defending its own national interests.

Italy, 2022Giorgia Melonis, September 2022

Our public debt is totally out of control. We're dealing with growing poverty.

ItalyGiorgia Melonis, September 2022

There's no place for racism, antisemitism and nazis at Fratelli d'Italia.

Giorgia Melonis, July 2022

Everything we stand for - including Christian values and traditional gender norms - is under attack.

Giorgia Melonis

I am Giorgia, I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Italian, I am a Christian. We will defend God, the homeland and the family.

Giorgia Melonis, 2019

No to gay-marriage: It would be very expensive for the state and I wouldn't want homosexuals to be able to adopt children.

Giorgia Melonis, May 2015

I have a relaxed view on fascism. I regard it as a part of our national history.

Giorgia Melonis, December 2006