The best Quotes by Geri Halliwell

The best Quotes by Geri Halliwell

Geraldine Estelle Halliwell-Horner (née Halliwell; born 6 August 1972) is an English singer, songwriter, author, and actress. She rose to prominence in the 1990s as Ginger Spice, a member of the girl group the Spice Girls.

Perfectionism kills art. I find that if I criticise myself, it spoils the fun. You can get paralysed by analysis - it takes all the playfulness away.
My daughter is the biggest gift; I've said it so many times and it sounds like a cliche, but the thing about being a parent is when you think you've cracked it, and you're on top of your game, they change again and you have to catch up and adjust. I feel such a responsibility to instill good values in her, to be polite, to have discipline.
There will always be a few people who just want to knock you down or are jealous or just want to be horrible for the sake of it. I don't know what drives someone to be nasty.
I am absolutely blessed and I'm very grateful for where I am today.
I love being on the beach - it's my favourite place. I can chill out, read, listen to music, play with my daughter.

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If you wanna be my lover
You gotta get with my friends
Make it last forever, friendship never ends
If you wanna be my lover
You have got to give
Taking is too easy, but that's the way it is
Spice Girls - Wannabe, Album: Spice
If you want my future
Forget my past
If you wanna get with me
Better make it fast
Now, don't go wasting
My precious time
Get your act together, we could be just fine
Spice Girls - Wannabe, Album: Spice
Stop right now, thank you very much
I need somebody with a human touch
Hey you, always on the run
Gotta slow it down baby, gotta have some fun
Spice Girls - Stop, Album: Spiceworld
The race is on to get out of the bottom
The top is high so your roots are forgotten
Giving is good, as long as you're getting
What's driving you is ambition I'm betting
Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are, Album: Spice
Swing it, shake it, move it, make it, who do you think you are?
Trust it, use it, prove it, groove it, show me how good you are
Spice Girls - Who Do You Think You Are, Album: Spice
Viva forever
I'll be waiting
Everlasting like the sun
Live forever
For the moment
Ever searching for the one
Spice Girls - Viva Forever, Album: Spiceworld
Slipping through our fingers
Like the sands of time
Promises made
Every memory saved
As reflections in my mind
Spice Girls - Viva Forever, Album: Spiceworld
Love is blind, as far as the eye can see
Deep but meaningless words to me
Easy lover, I need a friend
Road to nowhere, twist and turns but will this never end
Spice Girls - Too Much, Album: Spiceworld
Too much of something is bad enough
But something's coming over me to make me wonder
Too much of nothing is just as tough
I need to know the way to feel to keep me satisfied
Spice Girls - Too Much, Album: Spiceworld
She used to be my only enemy and never let me be free
Catching me in places that I knew I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line, I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had
Spice Girls - Mama, Album: Spice
When you're feeling sad and low
We will take you where you gotta go
Smiling, dancing, everything is free
All you need is positivity
Spice Girls - Spice Up Your Life, Album: Spiceworld
Yo, I'll tell you what I want
What I really, really want
So tell me what you want
What you really, really want
Spice Girls - Wannabe, Album: Spice
Philippe: "Tell me Driss, why do you think people are interested in art?"
Driss: "I don't know, it's a business?"
Philippe: "No. That's because it's the only thing one leaves behind."
Driss in Intouchables
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed.
Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.
Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta
You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.
Imperfections make someone perfect to me.
And then some days you wake up and everything's perfect.
Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.
Anything I've done up till May 27th 1999 was kind of an illusion, existing without living. My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life.
There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings.
Dear Boys, be the type of guy you want your daughter to be with.
None of us should accept a future in which our daughters and granddaughters have fewer rights than we did.
Hillary Clinton - May 2022
Chicago, lock up your daughters! Mt. Urkel is about to erupt.
A bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at work.
May all your blues be the ocean and the sky!
If you're not barefoot, then you're overdressed!
One candidate is too old and mentally unfit to be president. The other one is me.
Joe Biden - März 2024
What do you call an Asian Dwayne Johnson?
The Wok.

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