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Gautam Gambhir is an Indian politician and former cricketer, who has played all formats of the game. He is the current member of the Lok Sabha since 2019.

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I am a great believer that a captain is as good as his team.

- Gautam GambhirTeam

Cricket is a team game. If you want fame for yourself, go play an individual game.

- Gautam GambhirCricket

Our flag is our identity, and we can't disrespect or let anyone else disrespect our identity.

- Gautam GambhirIndia

Sometimes it's important to get out of that comfort zone and, I think, try new things, and sometimes you can express yourself better.

- Gautam Gambhir

I think a captain is someone who captains on the cricket field but, most of the leadership that happens is off the cricket field. It's very easy to captain people on the cricket field, but if you can start leading them off the cricket field, and show them that trust, what you have in them.

- Gautam Gambhir