Quotes by Gary Oldman

Gary Leonard Oldman is an English actor and filmmaker who has performed in theatre, film, and television. Known for his versatility and expressive acting style, Oldman is regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation.

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My favorite meal would have to be good old-fashioned eggs, over easy, with bacon. Many others, but you can't beat that on a Sunday morning, especially with a cup of tea.

BreakfastGary Oldman

You choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color.

FriendshipGary Oldman

Reality TV to me is the museum of social decay.

TelevisionGary Oldman

I applaud anything that can take a kid away from a PlayStation or a Gameboy. That is a miracle in itself.

Upbringing, Video games, PlayStationGary Oldman

Political correctness has become a straightjacket.

Gary Oldman